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Sea Slugs Bar and Restuarant

The Before-and-After Photo-documentation Project – Beachfront

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Of all the places in El Nido, the beachfront has the most noticeable changes. There are so many more establishments as more homes were converted to businesses – either a restobar or lodge/pension.

The photos on this blog were taken on many different days over a period of two and a half months. The photos at the end of Rizal Street were taken one beautiful, sunny August afternoon; the photos of Pukka Bar and El Nido Corner were taken as early as July, as well as some photos of Sea Slugs were taken in August; and the rest of the photos were taken one windy September morning when the sun played hide-and-seek with me.

I took a walk starting off from where Rizal Street ends, with Aplaya Bar and Casa Buenavista on either sides, and ending in  the small, narrow alley right after Tandikan Beach Cottages that emerges where Lonesome Carabao Lounge is.


Rizal Street, El Nido, Palawan


Aplaya Bar, El Nido, Palawan

And as more buildings and businesses were established, the more the sand turned brown. I used to swim on the beach nearly everyday, I would not want to do that now.

In front of Aplaya Bar

The beach still looks beautiful on sunny days like this…

El Nido town beach, Palawan

…but nothing compared to how it used to be.

Next to Casa Buenavista is Marber’s Restaurant.


Marber's Restaurant, El Nido, Palawan

Marber's Restaurant, El Nido, Palawan

Back when Marber’s Restaurant was on the ground floor of the building where Og’s Pension is, this was Blue Karrot Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Marbers_Blue Karrot

Blue Karrot has a long history, being originally owned by Rudy and Rose, and then sold off to a friend of theirs. Rose’s family now owns Makulay Lodge and Villas in Caalan, and Blue Karrot does not exist anymore, neither in this spot nor any other spot in town.

Casa El Nido has been there ever since I can remember too. It used to have a little garden on the side where there were trees, and loungers under the shade.


Casa El Nido


Sea Slugs Beach Bar and Restaurant, El Nido, Palawan

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My favorite at Sea Slugs would always be their Tanigue in lemon butter sauce and their Shirley Temple. That’s what I always order there. My friends who work for the El Nido Resorts always order pizza when they are in town from the resort.

We were there a lot that I took a lot of photos at different times. This is one of the places in El Nido that we could be seen just hanging out and about.

The restaurant is open the entire day and is a good place to have breakfast. If you’re going to have breakfast with a view like this, why not?




I have photos of Sea Slugs taken in 2006 when they were just starting out. It used to look like this:

Sea Slugs Bar and Restaurant, El Nido, Palawan (2006)

Sea Slugs Bar and Restaurant, El Nido, Palawan (2006)

Here is the photo from my Before-and-After Photo-documentation Project.

Sea Slugs