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Milano Torino Restaurant Sydney, Australia

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There is a restaurant in Torino called Milano Torino. According to its website, it is named after “a cocktail, first served in the 1860’s, made by equal parts Campari, the bitter liqueur, from Milan (Milano) and Cinzano, the vermouth, from Turin (Torino).” It is located mostly out of the way out there in Epsom Road in Rosebery.

Milano Torino serves “Northern Italian cuisine with a focus on regional food from Piedmont, and Vermouth Bar. Their philosophy is seasonal, organic and fresh food, using only the the best produce available on the market, including many goods imported directly from Italy.”

It is a fairly small and private restaurant good for couples, friends, and families with kids.

Although the restaurant has a regular menu, it also prides itself in having a dish or two that is dependent on what’s available on the market and the chef’s inspiration.


Bohol Bee Farm – 2013

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There is always something new every time I pay Bohol Bee Farm a visit. This year is my third time in Bohol and Panglao Island. Ever since my first visit there, with Travel Factor and when Lia was only 8 months old, I make it a point to go to Bohol Bee Farm whenever I find myself in Bohol. Aside from the delicious food, I love the simplicity of the place. And it just keeps reinventing itself.

I didn’t blog extensively about my first visit there. Posting only a few photos of the beach in Dumaluan, where we were staying at. On my second visit there with my family, we stayed at Bohol Beach Club, right next to Dumaluan Beach Resort, and blogged about the trip extensively. Sadly, of all the 8 posts I made on that trip, only 2 survived the website crash in 2011. I still have to recover the posts. I might be able to recover them soon, but until then, only these two remain.

Tagbilaran Airport (Bohol)
Bohol Beach Club – A Place for Families
DBR Grill at Dumaluan Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling at Balicasag Island and Virgin Island – A Day in the Bohol Sea
Snorkeling in Balicasag Island, Bohol
Balicasag Island Dive Resort, Bohol
Bohol Bee Farm – Always A Great Experience
Dumaluan Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol


Too bad because I posted photos of Bohol Bee Farm from both 2009 and 2010 in one of the still-missing blog post.

On my way to the Tagbilaran airport, to catch a flight back to Manila, I had the habal-habal (motorcycle) drop by Bohol Bee Farm so I could buy some more of the squash muffins that I like so much. And then I took some more photos of the place.

They are always expanding at the farm. The restaurant now is even bigger. It is actually huge now! And even the store – they have also expanded the store. And even the lobby and receiving area. Maybe they even have more rooms now.

A lounge area near the restaurant.

Bohol Bee Farm

Sunbathing and Lounging Area

The deck for sunbathing. This is also where the boat docks for island hopping and dive trips. The stairs leading down is found near the restaurant.

Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm


La Salangane Resort and Restaurant, El Nido, Palawan

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La Salangane has rooms and a bar and restaurant in the heart of town, as well as an apartment/villa in Caalan. I have not been to La Salangane II in Caalan and the photos here are mostly of the bar and resto.

I have been in El Nido two months when I first walked into this restaurant. It was a bright and sunny afternoon and I was completing a photo walk around town. It was one of the last accommodations located on Serena St. that I was supposedly documenting, and it was nearly four in the afternoon. I walked in there, and met two very amiable men, a French and a Spaniard, and forgot to leave.

Amidst bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and my cocktails, we talked about music, movies, cuisine, and travel all over the world.

Sirena St., El Nido, Palawan

La Salangane, Sirena St., El Nido, Palawan

La Salangane, El Nido, Palawan

La Salangane, El Nido, Palawan

La Salangane, El Nido, Palawan


Places to eat in Legazpi: Waway’s Restaurant

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I feel like I already wrote a blog about this before but I’ve been unable to find it. There was a time when I sought to separate all my travel posts from everything else, and created a travel site called “One Travel Story” – the goal was to write one travel story at a time. After a year, I realized it was much too tedious to maintain too many sites and decided to abandon the project. I therefore had to migrate the posts, at least some that I thought worthy of saving. When angkuletdotcom crashed in 2011, I lost all control of what was saved and not. I am still recovering.

I was first in Waway’s Restaurant in February 2010 for lunch. I was in fact with Lia, who was then ten months old. Here are some of the photos from that trip:

Waway's Resto: main door

Waway's Resto: table

Waway's Resto: Chicharong Bulaklak

Chicharong Bulaklak

Waway's Resto: Fried shrimps

Fried Shrimps


Bellini’s in Marikina

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We accidentally found Bellini’s Marikina during our last visit to Lia’s pediatrician for her measles vaccine. Actually, our finding it was not really very accidental since we knew Bellini’s is around the area, as was mentioned to us by our good friends Abet and Hash, who had their anniversary dinner same day Bellini’s  celebrated their first anniversary in Marikina. (The original Bellini’s is in one of my favorite places in Metro Manila – Cubao Expo, formerly known as the Marikina Shoe Expo.) 😉

Bellini's Santa

Bellini's - unassuming through the years

Bellini’s Cubao, November 2009

Bellini’s is right across from the nearest and perhaps only available parking space in the area. I must say Marikina is such a nice city because it seems like a bigger and more spacious version of Quiapo. I always make it a point to buy fruits from the market across the clinic where fruits are cheap! This time around, walking from the clinic to the parking space, we also accidentally found a nice store to buy cheap brandless diapers and baby wipes. No need to go to Quiapo! Hoorah for that!

Bellinis interior

This is what you will see when you get inside. Though this is the view from my table, as you can see the doors on the left side. 😉

It was about eleven in the morning when we got to Bellini’s and it was empty.

Bellinis handpainted wall

A closer look at the painting on the wall.

Bellinis interior

Upon entering the doors, wall painting on the left, more tables on the right.

Bellinis photo wall

Photo wall on the right. Did not get to see a closer look though. Here, Ryan is showing Lia the photos while I eat.

The well-trained staff assisted us with our menu choices. We ended ordering the appetizer, which looked good on the table from where I was sitting.

Bellinis appetizers and cake

Little window at the back is the kitchen. The chef was making pizza. 🙂

Appetizers at Bellini's Marikina

Appetizer (composed of five different kinds of food); P300, small

If you know me, you will not ask me what these are, since I am absolutely stupid when it comes to food. I just eat away and don’t bother to know what I am eating. These appetizers were good though! Real good! I thought to myself, “Maybe next time I go to Bellini’s and just order the appetizers.”

And of course, since this is an Italian eatery, we ordered pizza and seafood pasta.

Lia enjoying her bread sticks

Lia looks like she is absolutely enjoying the food.

We had a hard time though with their high-chair since it was not ideal for kids of Lia’s age group.

Saliva-cious Lia at Bellini's

Us wearing our current favorite dresses. Lia is salivating on, either the food or the high chair. Though, literally, she was salivating on the high chair.

While we were eating, an Italian came in, we think Bellini’s son, came knocking at the door. Yeah, he actually knocked. Then he was chatting with the staff and then us. He even ran around my table to pick up the fork I accidentally dropped on the floor and immediately replaced it himself.

When we left, he was standing by the table of an elderly couple who came in about thirty minutes after we did, chatting away.

Our bill was about P1,100. Ryan said afterwards, “I think we’ve found a better Italian restaurant than Cantinetta!”

I shouldn’t even have to say that I love Italian and Mexican food. It might just be worth mentioning too that I do not eat Japanese food at all. 😉

Mama and Lia at Bellini's Marikina

“Yeah! We love this Italian eatery! You should come!” – Lia


For more on this Italian restaurant, read what this blogger had to say.

Also, read what Anton has. It’s informative and so much better than this post. Hahaha! Not that I’m competing, I am just documenting my otherwise boring life. 😉 Haha.