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Cynthia Alexander’s Send off Gig at 70s Bistro, June 22, 2012 – Part I

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June 22 was one epic night. I knew a lot of people and friends who wanted to go to the send-off gig at Bistro on that night but tickets were sold out. I only managed to snag one because a group of my friends had a number of tickets reserved and I got one out of that. Many of my friends were not so lucky and had to go home…

Cynthia Alexander Send Off Gig at 70s Bistro

I arrived at 70s Bistro at nine in the evening, and there was a crowd of people swarmed around the ticket booth by the entrance. The people manning the ticket booth were holding a list of reservations and a wait list. When I got in, the place was already packed with about a hundred people. I inched my way into my favorite spot at Bistro, right behind the balustrade in between the tech booth and the stage, which I liked because it afforded the best view for taking photos and videos, a place to sit my things on, like a bottle of beer or my bag, and easy access to going to the bar or the door if I needed to get out.

Nityalila promptly opened the night at 9:45PM, with guest band mates Miko Aguilar on bass, Reli de Vera on drums, and featuring Taiwanese pipa player and collaborator Chung Yufeng.

Cynthia Alexander Send Off Gig at 70s Bistro


Save the Date! The Travel Factor New Year’s Party!

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Save the date, Jan. 8, 2011!

This 2011, get ready to rock and roll your way to adventure! On January 8, 2011, Travel Factor is proud to invite all of you to

We Know Adventure
The Travel Factor 2011 Launch

Happening at the legendary rock house, 70’s Bistro, start the year rocking with Pedicab, Peryodiko, Johnoy Danao, Pumping Pluto and more.