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Who knows what is my or anyone else’s purpose in life? Maybe there is none and maybe it’s better to just find interesting things to do until we die. Whatever the reason for our living, there are some things that I am sure of. And it’s that we should take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time.

A Red Car

On the day that I was supposed to arrive, my son woke up with the thought that his father has to buy a red car. We went to the car dealership to look at some white cars and an orange car, but it was the red car that took our attention. Moreover, it has an F and a V, and a 46 on its plate.


Inuwi mo ako at binigyan ng tahanan at kanlungan
Sa kabilang panig ng mundo
Sa isang isla.
Pagka’t isla ang naging tagpuan
At sana, sa isla din ang ating magiging huling hantungan.