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Gardenscapes Year Zero

I follow this page on Facebook called Humans Grow Food because I find a lot of inspiration from other gardeners around the world, and also because secretly, my goal is to get featured there myself but now that I’ve written about it it’s not a secret anymore, but as I said, writing it down is a good plan, and I see these people who write that this is my second year of gardening, and holy moly, I don’t know if they work alone or with a team of other professional gardeners because I can already tell that my garden won’t look anywhere near like that on my second year! It’s nevertheless a worthy aspiration but by god, people should really be more realistic on social media. Hoho!


Who knows what is my or anyone else’s purpose in life? Maybe there is none and maybe it’s better to just find interesting things to do until we die. Whatever the reason for our living, there are some things that I am sure of. And it’s that we should take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, and kill nothing but time.

A Red Car

On the day that I was supposed to arrive, my son woke up with the thought that his father has to buy a red car. We went to the car dealership to look at some white cars and an orange car, but it was the red car that took our attention. Moreover, it has an F and a V, and a 46 on its plate.

My 2022 Philippine Trip Realizations

Three, many people love me. But not everyone. There are still people who dislike me, who don’t want to support me for their own personal and selfish reasons; and there are many of them, too many than I am comfortable with, but at the end of the day, I actually don’t care. If they haven’t found their [own] inner peace, that’s not my problem. The amount of negative feelings they harbor towards me despite my best intentions does not diminish the quality of my life.