With the iTyphoon application developed for Android platform by Nueva Technologies and launched last September 6, 2011, you can now get typhoon updates for FREE!

iTyphoon is a premium application that provides typhoon updates. It has four (4) screens: Details, Map, Reference, and Credits.

The Details screen:
1. HEADING (update number, current update date/time, next update date/time)
2. ICON (intensifying, weakening, steady)
3. SUMMARY (Philippine typhoon name, international typhoon name, current eye location, maximum windspeed, gustiness, area of responsibility, direction and speed, heading towards location)
4. BACKGROUND (no typhoon, over ocean, landfall)
5. NARRATIVE (descriptive behavior of the typhoon)
6. SIGNALS (Public Storm Signal Warnings issued by PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration)
7. DISTANCES (distances with respect to places of interest and popular destinations)
8. FORECAST (weather outlook for the next 2-5 days)

Screenshots (Typhoon Mina) - Details Screen (Update, Icon, Summary, Narrative, and Background)

Screenshots (Typhoon Mina) - Details Screen (Signals, Distances)

Screenshots (Typhoon Mina) - Details Screen (Forecast)

The Map screen:
1. GREEN PIN (the user or device location)
2. RED PIN (the typhoon location)
over the map, which is available in three (3) views, with support for pinch, drag and zoom.

Screenshots (Typhoon Mina) - Map Screen (Typhoon and User Location)

The Reference screen:
Shows the application guide and provides useful typhoon information.

The Credits screen:
Displays the developer details with links to viewing the application website, showing some love for the application, sending user feedback to the developer, and sharing the application to friends via email.

Nueca Technologies is a registered trade name of Nueva Caceres Technology Solutions, Inc. with its website at http://www.nueca.net/