On the night that we’re supposed to go back to Manila, Lia and I stayed home and guarded the door. Yes, that was actually what we we’re doing. Some person’s phone in the house kept ringing and some woman kept looking for someone, and this someone kept saying ‘the daughter and her child’ were still home. I decided that for this night, no one is getting past that door.

Lia and I amused each other, dancing to MTV, singing along to Disney Junior shows, and then, I had this brilliant idea of using an application on my mac that I have never used before – the Photo Booth.

These are what Lia and I came up with:

Kissy kissy

Tonguey tongue out

Pouty pout

Laugh out loud

Mama, this is sooo fun!

How do I do this?

Baby you're soooo cute! Nail polish courtesy of Lias-nail-services-while-you-sleep

Lia has this habit of painting my nails while I sleep. I just wake up the next morning with pink nail polish on my toes on one foot and blue nail polish on the other. Some days she paints them all with designs, like blue dots on pink background, or swish swashes of pink and blue and black all in one. She’s quite good too, and getting better everyday! Click here for a photo. (Warning: this is a photo of my foot! :P)

Duck face!

Smiley smile

Smiley smile part 2

Ta daaaa!

Cozy cozy



And finally, a parting sweet smile.

Big smile

**This album currently has 30 likes on Facebook. LOL