I have always been a fan of messenger bags. I live and breathe messenger bags. These days though, my messenger bags are either too small or too soft to carry the one thing I almost never go around without – my laptop. I’ve always been a fan of huge bags – one that can carry the myriad of little things that I tend to carry around with me. The more pockets, the better. More pockets mean more organization. I like to keep organization even in the middle of the chaos that only a take-everything-with-me-wherever-I-go attitude can lead to. If the bag is waterproof or even semi-waterproof all the better!

I have been looking for a laptop bag at Multiply online stores. I do have a Crumpler laptop bag now that my friend gave me as a birthday present but with its traveler beach-bum look, sometimes it just doesn’t go along with my mood or my look for the day. I have been looking for a more formal laptop bag. That is how I found myself doing a search on Multiply, and stumbling upon Tough Brat bags – and instantly falling in love. I wanted to get one of each style, to go along with each probable mood I will find myself in.