I arrived on a rainy Wednesday afternoon at the Lio airport, and after dropping off my things, went straight to town to buy some supplies, met up with my friend Macy, and her co-worker Kring, both Environmental Officers at El Nido Resorts, at the ‘White House’ and then off to dinner at our favorite place in town – Sea Slugs Bar and Resto.

I have always esteemed Sea Slugs Bar and Resto as my favorite restaurant for its fish steak in lemon butter sauce. Every restaurant I go to, I’d order the fish in lemon butter sauce if it’s in the menu just to see if it can best the one in Seaslugs, and so far, there has been none. Sea Slugs still has the best fish steak in lemon butter sauce there is, at least according to Macy and me.

Yesterday, I was in town again to hang out with some old friends. The first place I went to was Sea Slugs of course. At six in the evening, live music was playing and the place was already full of diners. I wanted a table by the beach so I took one in the resto next door, Og’s Bar and Resto.

I bought a wide angle lens converter a day before I flew to Palawan and decided to try it on. I wasn’t really into taking photos because my mind was into other things, so this night comes down as the night the lazy photographer was in town. I’d just sit wherever I was, find some little thing to put the camera on top of to give it more leverage and stability, yes, a makeshift tripod, and click once or twice.

Here is a shot of Sea Slugs, with my 18-135mm kit lens.

El Nido 2012