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Do Not Spend Your Time Crying

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“According to his family, the late DILG secretary Jesse Robredo loved writing them letters. When he was in Germany for official business in 1992, he wrote this letter to his oldest daughter Aika, who was four years old at the time.

Photo from Aika Robredo/Robredo family via GMA NEWS”

I was in El Nido when news of Jesse Robredo’s plane crash reached me and I spent days, agonized, hoping, praying, wishing for the best but bracing myself for the worst, on standby for the latest news and updates by the minute, by the hour, like he was my own father. And I wondered how I could be so distressed about someone whom I have not really known.

Born in Naga City and raised in Pili, Camarines Sur, I only spent four years in Naga as a student at the Colegio de Sta. Isabel. I saw him around a lot, and his family, as I was schoolmates with one of his nieces; but being young and carefree, I never really knew him for the great man he was.

But I have been a witness to how this man transformed the city and everyone around him through his words and actions.

And I wept and wept with the rest of my fellow Bicolanos at his early and unexpected demise. And maybe, we were also weeping for the loss of the country. He was a great man.

And he was great, not only because of what he has done, but what he stood for.

Public servant, friend, uncle, husband, father.

I still wept when I saw this letter, as if I was his daughter, and understanding the pains of being separated from one’s child because you have a job that a lot of people need you to be a better person for. And perhaps, I still will when I reread it. Over and over. This sadness just does not stop; but we all have to move on, whatever it is we are going through at this moment, or this day, or even tomorrow, we just have to keep moving forward. Stand on your two feet, put a smile on your face, and most especially, do not spend your time crying.

I just feel that this needs to be shared.


Yeah, Tell Me About It…

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I keep saying this to all my no-kids friends, of which there are plentier than plenty, since I was almost the first of all my friends put together to get married: You will never know what it takes to be a parent until you become one.

“Your life will change when you have a kid” is an understatement. Though superficially, my life now seems not too different from the one I used to have pre-baby, that’s all it is, superficially.

The very first thing I learned when I had the baby was, it’s possible to love something so much that nothing else comes close, and you will do everything, anything to make your life and that thing you love so much, work. It’s even possible to forget all other loves you once had. That was how it was for me.

When I read this article, I cried, bitterly.


This is Me Today. This is My Story.

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I forced myself to get out of the house, like totally. I forced myself to leave the house without Lia because I was stagnating at home and I did not feel like doing anything at all and I needed some inspiration or perhaps I needed to force myself to do something, anything, just so I can force myself to do the things I actually need to do.

Ahhh, so many things to do, so little concentration. There is enough time, there must be, the problem lies in my concentration. The ability to be efficient with whatever time I have in my hands. Sometimes I’ve got so many things in my mind, so many things I want to do yet I cannot find it in me to actually do it, that I end up just lingering in Facebook, or Twitter or Multiply, or forever checking my mail while the clock ticks away, and then I find myself at the end of the day with nothing to show for.

So today, I forced myself to bring myself to the nearest, most accessible, least energy required Starbucks and I’m now sitting at a table outside, typing away a blog that perhaps will not make sense in the end but will at least give me something to show for, and will provide an avenue for my fleeting, raucous thoughts.

I’m sitting here thinking to myself that I cannot afford this coffee I am drinking, thinking about my lifestyle and the lifestyles of other people and thinking that everything is all a matter of choice. Sometimes it appears I have a lot of money, for someone who doesn’t have a real job, with purchases such as this and that, and travel to so and so places, but as I’m sitting here, listening to unfamiliar wonderful music emanating from this coffee shop’s loudspeakers, I think about the last time I bought myself a pair of jeans, a pair of petty I just-bought-myself-this-pair-out-of-whim shoes, the last time I had a facial or how often I have been to a salon for a mani-pedi or a hair treatment, and the answer was its been a long time or few and far between. I live my life simply, as simple as I can and I like to think I work hard enough for any purchases or anything I ever get for myself.


Top Ten Surprises of New Parenthood

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No matter how much you prepare for it, parenting will blow your mind.

Your kids will challenge you, bring you to tears, crack you up, and make you forget what you urgently had to do. They’ll shatter the life you knew into a million pieces. Then they’ll put it back together, like a stained-glass window, into something infinitely more complicated and beautiful.

While every parent’s biggest surprises are different, there are common themes to the ways that kids revolutionize our lives…