Living in El Nido and working for the wonderful couple that we fondly called Ati and Koya was one of the best things that happened to me. Koya principally looked after the school while Ati’s official work was at the resort. So on weekends, when Ati had time, we we’re off island hopping or going to the resort with their kids Pat and Jam, and the other teachers. It was always fun!

We’d take off with Kuya Mesach in the Geographic, a bright yellow boat that was so named because it appeared on the cover of an issue of National Geographic, and have a day off in the water and sun!

I do not know how many times I have been to Lagen, Miniloc, as well as Pangulasian – another island that had a resort that originally opened in 1992 but burned down shortly after Lagen Resort opened in 1998. Pangulasian, also known as the “Island of the Sun” will open its shores again starting this May with its canopy, beach and pool villas. Read all about it here.

Going to the resorts was always a welcome treat, especially if it involved eating. I had absolutely loved the buffets at the resorts. For me, they are still the best so far, even though I have been to many other resorts and hotels.

When H came over to visit, we were treated to a trip to the resorts. We first dropped by Miniloc because it has a wonderful beachfront with its own snorkeling area. All one needed to do was jump over the breakwater and there they all were. (Click on the thumbnails to view full size.)


Miniloc Island Resort is very laid-back. Compared with Lagen Island,