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No Ordinary Summer with Franco, Urbandub and Queso [Update!]

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Along with the new logo (awesome logo by the way), is the new venue and new poster for Cross Fade Productions‘ No Ordinary Summer gig with full-set performances from FrancoUrbandubQueso with Salamin and Dhruva Tara.

The venue has been moved to the B-Side courtyard, with the same ticket price. All previous ticket holders can use the same ticket.

Here is the Facebook event page:

For more information, contact/connect through the following:

Contact number:  +63.916.312.2483

To get to the venue:

The Collective (7274 Malugay St.), Makati

Here is a map to B-Side, The Collective, Malugay St., Makati:

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No Ordinary Summer with Franco, Urbandub and Queso

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There is already an update for this. Same line-up, same ticket price, NEW VENUE. Click HERE.

Mark your calendars and find Metro Bar on West Avenue on your Google maps, because on April 13, Cross Fade Productions is bringing you full-set performances from Franco, Urbandub, Queso with Salamin and Dhruva Tara.

Tickets are at Php500 but early buyers get Php100 off. For tickets and more information:
Contact number:  +63.916.312.2483


Talata at Amos Cafe – Nov. 23, 2012

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A number of firsts for me. It was my first time to shoot at Amos Cafe. No, it’s not my first time at Amos, having been there a number of times before, though I preferred to just sit outside and chat with friends and not shoot anything. It was also my first time to use a flash. I have never used a flash, ever. I used to be disinterested, but after a while, that little bug that makes you want to learn something new and get out of your comfort zone gets to you and you find yourself getting things you thought you would not ever want nor get.

I like Amos Cafe. I like the fact that it’s on the second floor, and has a balcony. It reminds me of Wharf Galley in Avenue Square. It’s really narrow though so I get self-conscious when I’m here. I feel like I run into everyone. Though I’m not averse to socializing, most people I meet would say I am aloof. I like that Amos Cafe is dark. I like dark places. Its good for hiding. I like that you can watch the gig outside through the glass walls. I like the fact that food and drinks are cheap though I dislike the fact that the menu is limited.

Since it was my first time to shoot at Amos. It took quite a while to get the right shots. Since I was also learning how to use my new flash, some shots had to suffer. Actually, a lot of shots. So forgive me for all these. I need more practice. Until I get the hang of this, you guys will just have to bear with me and my shortcomings.

The first band I shoot always suffer. So my apologies to Talata. Bawi na lang next time. Wink. (P.S. Happy birthday Mama Reyg.)


Reyg – Kanta
James Roy – Gitara 1
Dacky – Tambol
Anton – Ma-Baho
Jomal – Gitara 2


Talata at Amos Cafe - Nov. 23, 2012

Talata at Amos Cafe - Nov. 23, 2012

Talata at Amos Cafe - Nov. 23, 2012

Talata at Amos Cafe - Nov. 23, 2012


Raise to 1M Drive Fundraising Gigs – Dec. 11 at B-Side, Makati

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Here’s another reason why we should support Original Pinoy Music (OPM) and our local musicians and artists – because they are always willing to lend a hand and support causes.

My friend Ryan Mostar, whom I have been close friends with since we were thirteen is giving his kidney to his sister Kanji, who has been diagnosed in 2006 with IgA nephropathy, also called Berger’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease that occurs when IgA-a protein that helps the body fight infections settles in the kidneys causing scarring and inflammation and eventually progresses into kidney failure.

For the past six years, Kanji Mostar has been undergoing medication but her kidneys are now only functioning at 12% and a kidney transplant is needed. This November 2012, Kanji will be taking a series of tests, together with her brother, in preparation for the kidney transplant operation. The cost of the transplant operation is far beyond what the family can handle alone and is asking for support in the Raise to 1M Drive. Our involvement, may it be financial, medical, spiritual, will certainly help improve the struggle Kanji is fighting, not just to survive, but live.

I went to my friends and asked them how we could help – and this is how we are trying.

We are organizing a series of fundraising gigs in the hope that it will be able to help in the Raise to 1M Drive. There will be one at Amos Cafe, Anonas QC on Dec 7, as well as on Dec 11 at B-Side, The Collective, Makati. Do support by spreading the word and by coming to the gigs.

Here is the Kidney for Kanji Facebook page for more info: The Official Page of the 1M Drive for Kanji’s Kidney Transplant.

Watch a gig for a cause. Come to B-Side on December 11 and help raise 1M for Kanji’s kidney transplant.

Click here for more info regarding the beneficiary:

With performances by Gaijin, Fuseboxx, Your Imaginary Friends, Paranoid City and Flying Ipis.

Happening on December 11, 2012 at B-Side, The Collective. Tickets are Php 150, inclusive of one drink. Gates open 9pm.

Facebook event page is here. Please share and invite your friends.

Here is a map to B-Side, The Collective, Malugay St., Makati:

View Larger Map

Special thanks to our friends at Fortstream Entertainment,, B-Side Makati, and for organizing and spearheading this event. It would not be possible without your support.



Milk N Honey Bar Tour with The Discoball, Gaijin and Taken by Cars at Saguijo Cafe

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I really had no plans of going out last night because I feel I have gone out enough times already this week but when I saw the line-up for the gig, I just really had to go. I’m a fan of The Discoball, who happen to also be my friends, and where they play, I just really have to go too. If I’m in the metro at least.

When I saw that Taken by Cars and Techy Romantics were also in the line-up, I asked a few of my friends that I knew were also “fans” if they wanted to come along.

I’ve only been back in Manila three weeks and I haven’t quite gotten around to seeing all of my friends, and it was such a joy to have an unintended mini-reunion at Saguijo. (P.S. The last time I was at Saguijo for some band-lovin I think was back in 2008 though I was there for some bazaar some time much more recent).

Bee Eyes was playing when we arrived. Two of our friends were already seated at a table outside. We busied ourselves with catching up over beers and a pinacolada while waiting for The Discoball to play.

Milk and Honey Bar Tour at Saguijo Cafe

Milk and Honey Bar Tour at Saguijo Cafe

Milk and Honey Bar Tour at Saguijo Cafe



The Chongkeys at the Gala Magazine Launch at B-Side Makati

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I was at Balay Tubay* one Friday night when I heard the band play a cover of The ChongkeysDiksyonaryo, and I thought, “Oh wow, I miss the band! I should come see them in one of their gigs when I come back.”

I flew in to Manila from Puerto Princesa on September 13th, and that night, I was at B-Side. Already! Looking really tan and shiny too!

The Chongkeys at B-Side, Makati

The Chongkeys at B-Side, Makati

The Chongkeys at B-Side, Makati


The Pinoy Dub Rockers Compilation vol.2 – July 20 at B-Side

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Ruffer than Ruff, Tuffer than Tuff! The Pinoy Dub Rockers Compilation vol.2 launch!


Junior Kilat
Dreadknot Used
Flat Circo
Dubration I
Royal South Soundsystem
Little Echo
Science Project
Red I
Lady I

Live Performances by:

Dreadknot Used/Flact Circo x Dubration I/Little Echo(Solo Set)/Red I/ and Reunion Gig of the ORIGINAL Members of Goodleaf! ! !

Enter the gates of Echo Chamber by 9pm. July 20,2012 (Friday)
No Door Charge, Just Dubwise! only at B-SIDE!

Check out the event page here:


Thirsty Thirty at B-Side Makati May 31, 2012

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Because I’m 3 plus 0!

Thanks again for everyone who has made this event possible. Thank you B-Side Makati, Anna and Juela, for accommodating.

Thanks Che Santos of On-Air Studio for all the help. It could’ve been Cubao X coz you know how much I love that place but here we are now!

Thanks to all the artists who will make the time and effort and everything else to be there. I appreciate it with all my heart.

Thanks to all my friends who will be giving away stuff, hosting, doing the documentation, and all that jazz.

Big shout out to my friends from the U.P. Repertory Company, Dax Carnay, Albert Cruz and Marvin Salazar of who will be our hosts for the night.

And for those who will be coming, let’s all have a really great time!

See you there!

Here is the Facebook event page:

Here’s the link to the first-released blog and poster.

B-Side is in Makati, check out their website at and their Facebook page here.  Map is here.

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa