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The Housemommy

MOMents, Musings By June 2, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

Unable to leave home to attend meetings, I resisted the urge to do laundry. I resisted the urge to do laundry because it would take all day and as H said, would make me too tired. Ahem. I resisted the urge to do laundry but in the end gave in to cleaning the dirty kitchen sink, then the stove, then the dirty kitchen, then the bathroom, then the kitchen sink inside the house, then the cabinet doors, then the bathroom door, then the back door. Ahem.

Cleaning the house, which has been almost-empty for nearly three months, one little dirty nook and cranny at a time. I, at least, resisted the urge to do laundry. Maybe tomorrow?


A Day for Cooking

Family, MOMents By May 3, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

Actually, Lia did all the “cooking” in the stores. She loves cooking – and that’s a good thing, she can do all the cooking for her Papa and Mama, since her Mama absolutely has no interest in cooking.

With my super duper friend Summer, all the way from our U.P. Rep undergrad days (and she was even my wedding coordinator back in 2006), we went to Quaipo to source out kitchen supplies and ended up with a pressure cooker, a tabletop oven and some pans. Since I could not afford the coffeemaker with espresso machine, we got coffee press instead. I’ll have to come back for that huge rice cooker because we could not carry anymore stuff.

I even bought a lot of rice lights, candles and candleholders for our Johnoy Danao event this Saturday. That was really fun!

Upon coming back to U.P. and Summer’s house where H was supposed to pick us up, Summer let me borrow her chafing dishes – for the reunion events we have scheduled at Wharf Galley this month. And, as an advanced birthday gift, she also gave me an electric griller! 😉

I couldn’t have been any more happier!


Another Day in the Life of the Busy Queen Bee

Family, MOMents By May 2, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

Touch down Manila after more than a month in Bicol, and what do I have lined up for today?

1. A trip to Quiapo or Divisoria with my good friend Summer to scout for kitchen and bar supplies. I hope I have enough funds. Since I do not have househelp anymore, we are going with Lia. I hope Summer and I are up for this daunting job.

2. A side trip to the U.P. Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts for some materials for the sound exhibit project with Jethro Joaquin for World Listening Day in July.

3. Another side trip to the Dulaang U.P. office in Palma Hall for some news.

4. A meeting with my boss at the Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero theater later at 6pm. I hope by this time H is done with office stuff so he can take over with the parenting duties.

… and for tomorrow?

5. A meeting with another possible work-related project with Mon Jocson and Lia’s ninang, Nica Prudente, on the side. Actually, it’s the same venue, but since I am bringing Lia along, I asked her pretty ninang to come look after Lia while I go on the meeting.

… and for the rest of this trip?

6. And last but not the least, I hope there is still time to see my friends while I am in Manila. I don’t know exactly when I will be here next, better be safe and see them while I’m here. 🙂

On a side note, hurricane Trellia has been unleashed in our household. Our home looks like a typical home with a 2-year old and no househelp. Mess all over for the win!