I’m still a bag-person through and through I suppose. The huge ones. I’m actually known for my brown knee-high boots and my huge bags that I lug along no matter how heavy or big for my frame. Ssshhhhh! Walang pakialamanan. 😛

I’ve always had this turtle-ish kind of attitude with regards to my things. I can’t be separated from my laptop, and now I can’t be separated from my folders with all my work-related and personal files, and more importantly, I can’t be separated from my 2-year old daughter. Or is it the other way around? Lia can’t be separated from me, with her proverbial, “Waiiiit, waiiiiit, waiiiiiiiit! Mama, waiiiiit!”

This situation finds me with more than just my usual huge backpack, but also with another backpack or bag for Lia – and that’s me packing light. Some days I have my Crumpler camera bag and my Travel Essentials Medicine Organizer bag too.

Since I found out that the mommy bag H’s friends gave me during Lia’s christening is already tattered and needs to be replaced, I have been scouting for mommy bags. My search led me to this, Manila Baby‘s bags!

Manila Baby’s Lifesavers bag