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We finally made it back to our old condo to get some of our things that we left behind when we did our move last January. These included the ceiling fan lamp, one of the very first things we bought as a couple when we moved into the condo in January of 2007, three buildings away and three floors down too from the condo unit where I have been living alone for three years. It also included our fins, snorkel and mask sets, as Ryan and I both have our own. I got mine at a really discounted price from the resort back when I was living in El Nido in 2005. Since El Nido Resorts order their equipment by the bulk, they of course getdiscounts. I and all the other teachers included our orders in theirs so we could get a discount too. The diving-worthy fins came in three colors: black, blue and green. I didn’t mind what color mine was so I got the green. (Though if I had my way, I would have opted for flaming pink or flirtatious purple.) Ryan got his from a dive shop along Julia Vargas Ave. in Ortigas sometime two or three years later. It was double the price of mine though. I also got about fifteen of my cassette tapes. Yes, cassette tapes. Those words remind me of the days of betamax and

VHS along with once a week trips to Video City. I had intended to get one or two, particularly one by Wendy Matthews because she had a “Happy Day” version that I was reminded of when I saw License to Wed on HBO last week. I also wanted to get my Now and Then OST because I wanted to listen to songs there by The Monkees and The Jackson 5.

While I was going through my stuff which I still have considerably a lot in there, like almost all of my books, DVDs, rolls of film and CDs. I came across my Serendipity OST and was pleasantly surprised that I still have my Serendipity VCD.

serendipity movie poster

I have seen this movie so many times but I always feel the same way about it. I am not entirely sure that I am a romantic at heart but the thoughts of soul mates and destiny have always been on my mind.

There are so many things I love about this movie. For one, it has wonderful soundtrack. Another is that one of my favorite books by one of my favorite South American writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in The Time of Cholera plays an important part in the movie. I am not really a John Cusack fan but I certainly love Kate Beckinsale. Bridget Moynahan, who I thought was really sexy when I first saw her in Coyote Ugly and has quite fascinated me for a time, also plays a small role in it.

The movie over-all is cheesy, as romantic-comedies generally are, but all these little things in the movie just touch me.

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.”

Perhaps my affinity with this film is the fact that I have always been looking for something. I always somehow felt there was something out there that would make me whole. I have always been running here and there and almost everywhere, chasing after an idea, an experience, a feeling, perhaps an object, but not necessarily a person, that would finally tell me, “This is it. This has been what I have been looking for all along.”

Some of us spend our lives looking yet never finding. I have been one of those fortunate human beings who have been able to and for that, I am grateful. I am at peace… and most importantly I am whole.

What are soul mates?

Soul mate is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and/or compatibility….

A related concept is that of the twin flame or twin soul – which is thought to be the ultimate soul mate, the one and only other half of one’s soul, for which all souls are driven to find and join.”

I have always believed in soul mates. I have read once in a book somewhere (now hidden away in some library or perhaps a used bookstore or simply in the clutters of the many places I have unfortunately made some sort of home in in the constant search for that idea, that experience, that feeling or that object but not necessarily a person) that a person in this world may have more than one soul mate. I have spent my life counting those soul mates in the fingers of my hands, and they take the shape of father, brother, friend, but in one serendipitous event, I have finally found that one thing – the embodiment of that idea, that experience, that feeling, that I have been searching for.

The world is a big place and it has billions of people in it. What are the chances of finding your one true twin soul, in the many races, nooks and crannies of this planet we call Earth? What are the chances of twin souls being at one place at the same time? What are the chances of their realizing that what they have been searching for is standing right there on the opposite side of some bar in a restaurant in some little town?

Unlike in movies, the real world does not always provide for happy endings.

It would have been simpler if you could put your life on hold until you have found that person, but lives have to be lived. Food has to be put on the table, money has to be made, careers have to be established and children have to be born. The world does not stop for anyone and you keep on living.

When you finally find that one person, and you realize you are twenty years too late, what do you do? You don’t and you can’t just turn your back on the life you have been living. The only thing you can do is ask, “I have finally found what I have been looking for all my life… Now is that enough?”


Serendipity Soundtrack:

  • Never a Day – Wood

  • Moonlight Kiss – Bap Kennedy

  • January Rain – David Gray

  • Waiting in Vain – Annie Lennox

  • The Distance – Evan & Jaron

  • Like Lovers Do – Heather Nova

  • When You Know – Shawn Colvin

  • Northern Sky – Nick Drake

  • Cool Yule – Louis Armstrong

  • This Year – Chantal Kreviazuk

  • (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me – Brian Witman

  • 83 – John Mayer

  • Fast Forward – Alan Silvestri

  • Someone Like You – Van Morrison

Click here to listen to samples or purchase.


White Flag

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Today is a momentous day. Today commemorates (well sort of) the day I finally succumb to the demands of housekeeping and motherhood. Today I put up a white flag and said, okay I (finally) give in. Today, I finally got a maid. Well I suppose I actually put up a white flag when I told my mother please get me a maid, sooner than September – and that was a week ago.


September was the month I was going to get house help, simply because September is supposedly the start of the surfing peak season and I thought I was going to definitely need a maid to help me keep an eye on my little one.

But as it is, I’m only human, and more importantly, I am a human that gets depressed every now and then. When I get depressed, I do not feel like doing anything, anything at all. And when I do not feel like doing anything at all, housework pile up; and when housework pile up, I get even more depressed. Being the (sort of) obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I do not like it when the house is messy.


Today, I started the day early to help Sionie (or however her name is spelled, I can say its Shonie or Shunie or Shawny for that matter) prepare breakfast. In addition to my husband being sick, my mother also spent the night here and I thought it would be good for her to start her day with a good nice breakfast of sunny-side up eggs, hotdogs, rice and a good cup of brewed coffee from Papua New Guinea. *funky laugh goes here*

Then the rest of the day was spent showing her how I wanted my housework done. I thought it was best to show her how I wanted the housework done, and that of course meant, ‘done my way’. We spent the day doing laundry, cleaning the floor, vacuuming window screens, beds and sofas, changing the sheets and beddings as well as ironing my husband’s clothes. *straight face goes here*


That was of course in addition to taking care of my baby. The supposed rule is, no one is supposed to touch the baby as long as I am here or I stop doing any kind of housework when the baby needs me. I think though that it will take two to three weeks before I have everything running smoothly, the OC person that I am.

When I told my mother I needed house help, I told her I was okay with whatever skills she does or does not have. What mattered the most was that she knew how to cook because I can do almost everything on my own, except cook. What mattered the most was that I get to eat lunch because during lunch time my husband is away at work and I just spend my days missing lunch because I do not cook or cooking is the last thing on my mind.

So actually, today commemorates the day of non-missed lunches, of me and my husband being able to eat together… and of being able to go out to get a facial. 😐


Preoccupations on things

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From CCP, we made our way to Shopwise Libis which, the depraved all-around mother that I am, have become my clothing store aside from supermarket, bookstore, furniture store, appliance store and even sports store. I went to get me some cool sandos that have been put on sale at fifty percent less than its original price. I got two of them two weeks ago and am almost bitter that I got them when they were not on sale. I have always loved sandos (and who doesn’t love sales), even when I was in college, and I think one can never have too many especially if you are always aiming to hit the beach. I also wanted to check out some utility shelves for freeing some much needed floor space in my workroom but at buy one take one at P999.00, they were already sold out. I got two shelves though at P645.00 each. Though they are not in the dimensions I needed for storing my baskets from Dapitan, they are probably better than having a carpenter build us one, especially since we do not personally know any.


Then we started looking at baby stuff: cribs, strollers, walkers, car seats, high chairs, play pens, clothes and toys, and I swear one could just get lost in that area for hours. We got the baby a bath tub foam because she will soon be graduating from her net bathing supporter. We still could not find a bath tub with the bottom drainage plug and for the meantime will have to endure ours. I personally think baby bath tubs without bottom drainage should be phased out or deemed obsolete, never to be seen again in department and supermarket store racks as well as street stalls in Divisoria and Quiapo.

I finally got the baby a mobile. I have always been thinking of getting one, but we simply could not find the time to go out. This Sunday though, my in-laws came over to baby-sit for us so that we could go watch the play as well as do some shopping. Due to the lack of choices, we got a musical mobile that I personally think is quite ugly but that which the baby seems to love anyway.

 Since I am preoccupied with mobiles, I found this interesting website that “has been designed to provide information on everything that you need to know about baby mobiles.”

 Take note that it only provides information. Do not expect to see any photos. True to its word, there is nothing here except [useful] information on everything you need to know about baby mobiles.

I wish I had something like this. Oh dear, one can just get lost in the musical mobile choices, but then who has that much money?

 fisher price musical mobile at $40

I found some interesting things that I think I would like to hang in that mobile, aside from Babo’s green bird of course. In my box of what-nots I found these key chains that I was supposed to include in that mixed media art I was supposed to make, but like all other things in my mind (origami included), I never seem to find the time to do.



This makes me think about my room in Marikina during my college days which I filled with metallic fishes hanging all over the ceiling as well as my old condo unit with capiz shells and paper mache gold sun, moon and stars. Ah, gone are the idle days.


Things I learned when I had the baby

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You will get stretch marks, no matter how much cocoa butter or shea butter lotion or body oil you lather on. But that is not reason to not do it, for all you know, there could be more.. or in my case, there could have been more.

There is no such thing as no (or “narrow” for that matter) hips. One male friend used to make fun of me, “How are you gonna have kids when you don’t have any hips?” I had normal delivery. What was only important was that we made sure the baby was between 6 and 6.5 lbs. If it was too big, then I would have to seriously consider having a C-section. But still, not after going through trial labor.

  • You can control your weight. Or most importantly, your baby’s. You can eat all you want, just make sure you eat healthy. Soda and ice cream are of course to be had in moderation.

  • The size of your baby at birth in no way foretells how big he/she will be as an adult. So don’t make the baby too big. Unless your goal is to have a c-section. A small person will still be a small person, as pre-programmed by the genes, even if he/she was born 8 lbs.

  • Some people simply look pretty pregnant, but that is not in keeping with: “You’re blooming! You’re so pretty! You must be carrying a girl!” Some un-blooming and un-pretty preggies are carrying a girl. Some preggies carrying boys do not look uglier than their pre-pregnancy days. That’s just how it is.

Congenital scan at 16 wks

  • In some first-world countries like the U.S. and Germany, congenital scans and ultrasounds are unheard of. Thus, feature stories on miracle babies in the Oprah show. To which I said, “How come the parents didn’t know their son did not have legs?”

  •  There is no such thing as small breasts. Big breasts, small breasts, previously non-existent breasts have the same capacity for milk production. Invest in a good breast pump if you intend to breastfeed (and really, I hope you do).

  • Speaking of breasts, though this may not be the fastest nor the cheapest way to jump from cup A to cup B or even cup C, at least you get to jump.

  • Get a good OB-Gyne. Someone who is willing to hold your hand while you’re having contractions and willing to be your lamaze partner, because your husband will not be at the labor room. Unless you get the expensive ‘birthing room’. Preferably someone who will be there to see you through to that 10cm. Some doctors just show up at the delivery room._5152156

  • Don’t go crazy shopping for baby clothes and baby stuff. Accept all hand-me-downs from your sisters, relatives and even friends. Or borrow. Or buy second-hand from other moms who do not or will not need baby stuff anymore and can make use of extra storage space in their own homes. After all, these things are expensive and your baby will outgrow them before you can say ‘whoahreallyididntknowthatbutiwishididbeforeiwenttosm!’

These are just some of the things that come to mind right now but I am sure there will be more as I go along..

When a child is born, a parent is born.” – Anonymous


All my friends

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Sitting on my twisted-abaca chair, bought from the flea market that is Dapitan, at eleven in the quiet evening of this village in the heart of the metropolis where everything becomes deathly still except for the sounds of the motor of the occasional tricycle passing by, the engine hum of a car on its final way home ,at least for the day, and the barking of a dog disturbed in the middle of its deep sleep, I think of my friends.

Travel friends

Artist friends

Graduate school friends

Teacher friends

Doctor friends

Biology but non-doctor friends

High school friends

El Nido and Coron friends

The past days have not been so good on me. Sitting in the middle of the night with no one but myself and my thoughts, back aching, head throbbing and arms sore, I thought about things I can be happy about. It helped to think about all my friends.


Caught watching TV

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No she isn’t really watching TV. I may come off as an irresponsible parent half the time but I do not make the baby watch tv. She’s just funny here.  I just made her sit there, so like the overzealous parent that I am, I can document her first unassisted sitting experience. Or is that another irresponsible parenting thing to do? She just turned two months after all. 😐

And here she is, obligingly posing for the camera with a smile. As if to say, “Now go print that picture and post it in that baby scrapbook you always say you’re gonna make but never do.”


Laughing Lia

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I remember when Cheekay and Joan went to our house in Pili while I was there visiting my parents last May 20-June 6. Cheekay was playing with Lia who was then unresponsive. She said, “It will be so much more fun when she reaches three months. When she reacts and smiles and squeals and giggles.” Well, here she is.


Virgin Labfest 5

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Venue : Tanghalang Huseng Batute, Bulwagang Amado Hernandez, Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Tanghalang Manuel Conde
Time : No set time
(But usually 3pm and 8pm)
Date : Jun 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30 2009
Jul 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 2009

Tickets to the Virgin Labfest are at P200 for main exhibition sets, P100 for the symposium and “Pay What You Can” for play readings.

For more details, please contact Tanghalang Pilipino at 832-3661, or the CCP Box Office at 832-3704.

Untried, untested, unpublished and unstaged plays from playwrights emerging and established find barebones staging in this theater festival of new works now on its fifth year; Directors, actors, designersand staff from various theater companies in Metro Manila converge in this two week festival that also features a Workshop for first time playwrights, talkbacks, and the book launch of the “Best of the Virgin Labfest”.

To check out the specific schedules, click here:

You can also download festival guide and/or calendar here:


Since the poster print is too small as well as for your easy reference, here are the sets:

SET A – School of Life

(Mga Dulang Walang Pinag-aralan)
June 23: 3pm, 8pm
July 4: 8pm
July 5: 3pm

by Job Pagsibigan, to be mounted by Sipat Lawin Ensemble

Ang Huling Lektyur ni Misis Reyes
by Tim Dacanay, directed by Hazel Gutierrez

Isang Mukha ng Pandaraya
by Oggie Arcenas, directed by Roli Inocencio


SET B – It’s Complicated

(The Buhul-Buhol Trilogy)
June 24: 3pm, 8pm
July 3: 8pm
July 4: 3pm

by J. Dennis Teodosio, directed by Roobak Valle

Ang Mamanugangin ni Rez
by Clarissa Estuar, directed by Paolo O’Hara

So Sangibo A Ranon Na Piyatay O Satiman A Tadman
by Rogelio Braga directed by Riki Benedicto


SET C – Blood Sports (Trilohiyang Dinuguan)
June 25: 3pm, 8pm
July 3, 3pm
July 5: 8pm

Kitchen Medea
by Kiyokazu Yamamoto directed by Yoshida Toshihisa

Doc Resurrecion: Gagamutin ang Bayan
by Layeta Bucoy, directed by Tuxqs Rutaquio

by George de Jesus III, directed by George de Jesus III


SET D – The Family That _______s Together (Tatlong Dulang Walang Diyos)
June 26: 3pm, 8pm
June 30: 3pm
July 2: 8pm

Boy-Girl ang Gelpren ni Mommy
by Sheilfa Alojamiento, directed by Carlo Pacolor Garcia

by Reuel Molina Aguila, directed by Edna Vida

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
by George Vail Kabristante, directed by Paul Santiago


SET E – Life is a Trap

(Three Plays in Search of Escape)
June 27: 3pm, 8pm
June 30: 8pm
July 1: 3pm

Isang Araw sa Peryahan
by Nicolas B. Pichay, directed by Chris Millado

by Liza Magtoto, directed by Sigrid Bernardo

Hate Restaurants
by David Finnigan, directed by J. Victor Villareal

The Virgin Labfest 4 Revisited
June 28: 3pm, 8pm
July 1: 8pm
July 2: 3pm
Ang Kalungkutan ng mga Reyna
by Floy Quintos, directed by Floy Quintos

Ang Bayot, Ang Meranao at ang Habal-Habal sa Isang Nakababagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte
By Rogelio Braga directed by Nick Olanka

Uuwi na ang Nanay kong si Darna
Job Pagsibingan’s adaptation of Uuwi na ang Nanay Kong si Darna by Edgar Samar, directed by Catherine Racsag


Bulwagang Amado Hernandez (Conference room)

June 25, 6pm
Tim Dacanay’s adaptation of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, directed by himself

June 27, 6pm
Breakups and Breakdowns
by Joel Trinidad, directed by himself
Dingdong! Death Is At The Door!

June 30, 6pm

July 2, 6pm
Noong Minsan May Nanungkulan sa San Lazaro
Joshua Lim So’s adaptation of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi
Directed by Dennis Marasigan


July 3, 6pm (Tanghalang Manuel Conde)
American Huangup
directed by Chris Millado

July 5, 6pm
Creative Writing Workshop showcase
Facilitator: Glenn Sevilla Mas


A Book Launching was also held:

June 23, 6pm Little Theater
The anthology, which includes 15 plays from years 1-4 of the Virgin Labfest, will be launched on the opening day of the Virgin Labfest.


Since I completely missed last year’s Labfest, whether as audience or performer (or whatever for that matter), I will be coming in to see Labfest Revisited to watch Ang Bayot, Ang Meranao at ang Habal-Habal sa Isang Nakababagot na Paghihintay sa Kanto ng Lanao del Norte, along with the two other plays on its set.

It is written by our dear friend Ogie Braga, who also wrote the play I did for U.P. Repertory Company in the Labfest 3, Sa Pagdating ng Barbaro. It is directed by another dear friend Nick Olanka, who is also from the U.P. Repertory Company and also directed Sa Pagdating ng Barbaro.

I, along with other friends from the U.P. Repertory Company, will be watching Ang Bayot.. along with the two other plays on its set on June 28 either at 3pm or 8pm (but most likely 3pm).

It’s been quite some time since I last set foot on CCP…