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World Ocean’s Day 2014 and the Call for Beach Clean Ups

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Image downloaded (and text below lifted) from the Facebook page of WWF-Philippines.

“Today is World Oceans Day!

The planet’s oceans and coasts are home to an incredible array of life – and are vital to human health, livelihoods, and cultures. But damaging and unsustainable human activities are taking their toll on marine habitats and marine species around the world.

WWF works toward a future in which well-managed oceans and coasts are resilient, full of life, and capable of supporting sustainable development.

Visit to find ways to help!”

Image by El Nido Resorts.


Outventure Office and Shop – The Partners

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When I started looking for a space to lease in January 2013, I was really looking for a place to put the milk tea shop and the booking/ticketing office slash travel agency. (Outventure was not really supposed to be a travel agency, it is supposed to be a payment services outfit, but I found out that in El Nido, there is no distinction among booking office, ticketing office, travel agency, and/or tour operator – they are all the same). I was looking for a space to put the Outventure office because I needed a business permit and physical address. I started looking in January 2013 for a place in a not-so-busy area of El Nido where rent was reasonable. It took me nearly a year and 4 potential spaces before I found one some time in September 2013. Serena Street is probably the third busiest street in El Nido but it was what I found. I had a personal deadline and  it seemed I was running out of time and choices.

So I found a space and it was bigger than what I intended. I needed to fill it up. And that’s when I decided to fill it up with items from my micro-entrepreneur friends. Friends that I have found when I still had Kikayism – an online reseller; and participated in and supported the Global Pinoy/Yabang Pinoy advocacy. I still believe in and support that advocacy. In the Outventure shop, all the items we sell are made in the Philippines.


Yabang Pinoy is a Filipino pride movement which envisions every Filipino being proud to be Filipino.

Yabang Pinoy encourages its volunteers to live happy, passionate, and meaningful Filipino lives by effecting positive social change. The organization hopes every Filipino will realize the greatness in bearing the citizenship.

If Filipinos will be conscious of the small great changes they can do, they will understand the purchasing power of P1. For every foreign product in the market, there are comparable local options. If Filipinos continue to look more to them for consumption, demand will make better the economy.

Yabang Pinoy also hopes its volunteers will influence their own social circles to spread the word about thinking Filipino. To be infectious, they must always be ready to address negative comments or news about the Philippines and the Filipino people.

Company Overview

Its advocates and volunteers are the young and idealistic Filipinos who spearheaded change in the mindsets of their countrymen. They want to convert “closet” Pinoys into Shouting Proud Pinoys, Filipinos who share the impassioned spirit and love for their country with fellow Filipinos and people from around the world. This change, they believe, will happen because they are starting it now. We are the change we want to be.

Yabang Pinoy is a Filipino pride movement which envisions every Filipino being proud to be Filipino, believing in fellow Filipinos, and patronizing Filipino ideas, concepts and services.

I tapped into my network and partnered with entrepreneur friends who were willing to lend me their items, without paying for them outright. I was minimizing my start-up costs and my friends were very supportive. Now, the Outventure office and shop carries these items, on display and on sale.


Palamuti by PJ Valenciano 


Palamuti by PJ Valenciano (Palamuti Storytelling Jewels) are made by a woman who was inspired to create from the complexities of women, which transcends to accessories for every woman. Behind every piece is a vision of creating customized and original costume jewelry for today’s modern woman using different materials, mainly incorporating an element that is proudly Filipino. All handmade Palamuti costume jewelries and accessories are products which are painstakingly improved through a continuous process of learning and refining techniques that fuse both modern and traditional methods, and are guaranteed to be one of a kind. Each individual piece is not only an expression of art, beauty, and style, they are interwoven with the stories of the wonderful women who have been inspirationally instrumental to the birth of these pieces.


Jesse Robredo Remembered on his First Death Anniversary

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I remember this day quite well from last year. I remember that it has been raining for days and we were all busy trying to make exams for our students, when I got the news, and I was just crying and staring into space for a few days, hoping and praying that he would be found alive. Yes, I was that affected. August last year was quite eventful, and now every time August swings by, I am awashed with both good and bad memories and feelings.

Today is Jesse’s Day. For all those in Naga, come and join the celebration. For those, who are not, come and join in remembrance. Because a guy likes this deserves it.


Foundation screens Magsaysay awardee solutions documentary; highlights ethical governance in Asia

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Best practices and effective, practical solutions that address Asia’s governance challenges.

These were the themes of Saturday afternoon, August 3, as the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF) held a private of screening of “Ripples of Change: Democracy and Governance” for young journalists, online influencers, advocates of good governance, and its own pool of GOS (Greatness of Spirit) ambassadors.

The private screening was held ahead of the launching of the 55th anniversary celebration for the Ramon Magsaysay Award, which was first given out in 1958.   The year-long commemoration continues to carry the theme “Changing Asia,” with an emphasis on the laureates’ transformative solutions to the region’s pervasive challenges and complex issues: inclusive education, social justice, sustainable environment, universal health, ethical governance, and social entrepreneurship.

Highlighting RMAF’s milestone year is the formal launch of the Magsaysay Institute of Transformative Leadership (MITL). MITL aims to connect the Magsaysay awardees and their solutions to organizations and individuals that seek to solve Asia’s many issues. The institute will orchestrate dialogues and conferences for its leadership dialogue program, arrange leadership immersion programs, and produce materials under the knowledge management program.

“Ripples of Change:  Democracy and Good Governance” is one of the materials RMAF has produced to document the transformative solutions that the Ramon Magsaysay awardees effectively employed to change their communities for the better.  It focuses on the work of six Magsaysay laureates: the late Secretary of Interior and Local Governance Jesse Robredo and investigative journalist Sheila Coronel from the Philippines, freedom of information champion Aruna Roy and woman police chief Kiran Bedi from India, Indonesia’s corruption watch coordinator Teten Masduki, and South Korea’s participatory and ethical governance advocate Park Won Soon.

After the film screening, titled “GOS Ambassadors’ Kapihan Session: Translating Greatness of Spirit to Ethical Governance,” the guests, participants, and Foundation staff led by RMAF advocacy officer Marie Kiel Fernandez engaged in a discussion on how ethical governance can be strengthened and developed in Asian countries with the help of Internet-savvy, socially-aware youths.

It was also announced that Park, one of the laureates featured in the “Ripples of Change” documentary, will be in Manila from August 12 to 13 as a special guest in the MITL launch.  Park, the current mayor of the Seoul (South Korea} Metropolitan Government, will also be attending various dialogues and conferences with government officials, non-government organizations, members of the civil sector, and journalists about anti-corruption programs and ethical, participatory governance.

For more information about the Foundation, its awardees, and its activities please email or call 521-3166 loc 180. RMAF is also on Twitter ( and Facebook (



KUNG SA TAMBOBONG: Ernie Patricio’s 8th solo exhibit at vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery

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vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery and Earth Day Network Philippines Inc., in cooperation with Museo Maritimo and City Government of Malabon, unveil the first installment of KUNG SA TAMBOBONG exhibit featuring works by artist Ernie Patricio on August 5, 7:00 in the evening at vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery 2nd Floor CK Building No. 61 Visayas Avenue Quezon City.

A part of climate change awareness campaign through the arts, this traveling exhibit features Ernie Patricio’s watercolor paintings, found objects and installations depicting life around rivers and seas. The show is aimed to present the apparent threats of climate change as seen in Malabon, the artist’s hometown. It is an inquisition and speculation of our actions affecting the environment and vice versa.

Involvement and intervention is the heart of Ernie Patricio’s works. They are based on and more often a willing involvement in issues that confront our everyday life. Throughout decades of praxis, topics such as poverty, diaspora, freedom and modernization were inquired upon in very sophisticated selection of colors and high level of technique in Patricio’s works. “The artist of these inquisitive works, having survived decades as an OFW and battled against stage 3 cancer, continues to portray not only our society’s current situation but also how/what it was to picture how/what it should be”, says curator Avie Felix.


The 2013 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees Announced

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The Board of Trustees of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation (RMAF) today announced that this year three individuals and two organizations from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal and the Philippines will receive Asia’s premier prize, the Ramon Magsaysay Award. The Awardees are:

Ernesto Domingo, from the Philippines. He is being recognized for “his exemplary embrace of the social mission of medical science and his profession, his steadfast leadership in pursuing ‘health for all’ as a shared moral responsibility of all sectors, and his groundbreaking and successful advocacy for neonatal hepatitis vaccination, thereby saving millions of lives in the Philippines.”


Vote for the World We Want – a United Nations Project

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I just voted.

And these are what I voted for:

(Yes, I am actually 31 and) the last item on the list checked seems so trivial, but I place quite high value on phone and internet access. That’s me being very, very personal, in my list of priorities. It was either that or better healthcare.

It was nice to know how the world voted, so far.


New 2012 Magsaysay Awardee Feature Stories Released

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Six original stories about the lives and work of the 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Awardees have been released and now uploaded to the newly reformatted Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation website,

The feature stories are now available for viewing and sharing. They capture the spirit of awardees Chen Shu-Jiu, Romulo Davide, Kulandei Francis, Syeda Rizwana Hasan, Yang Saing Koma, and Ambrosius Ruwindrijarto.  Written by four of the Philippines’ distinguished writers, the stories distill the transformative and sustainable solutions each of them applied to address serious problems in their communities.

While the concerns and their work are divergent—from food security, to education, to environment in six different Asian countries—the stories are strung together by examples of greatness of spirit, the trademark of all Magsaysay laureates.
_ _ _ _ _

Chen Shu-jiu: Market vendor invests profits in good deeds” by Angelina Goloy starts the feature story thus: “Small change. That’s all she started with. At the end of each day, Chen Shu-jiu of Taitung, Taiwan, would set aside a portion of her modest earnings from selling vegetables. Over the years her small change amounted to a small fortune—seven million Taiwanese dollars (US$320,000). She has given it all away to those who those who need it more. “

Empowering Farmers through Science,” Lito Viriña’s take on Romulo Davide’s story, opens with success stories of two farmers, Elnard Ymbal and Cirila Cuyacot. Viriña writes: “The ingenuity of [Ymbal and Cuyacot, are just two of the many inspiring stories that have come out from farming communities where the Farmer-Scientist Training Program (FSTP) is in operation. The FSTP, an agricultural research, development and extension (RDE) strategy that aims to bring science and scientific methods of farming to farmers is the brainchild of Academician Professor Dr. Romulo G. Davide, one of this year’s recipients of the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award.”


The Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation’s Lucky 55th Anniversary Contest

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This year marks the 55th Anniversary of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation, 55 years of celebratingGreatness of Spirit, and along with that, has launched the new look of its website at The new website is designed to enable the use of social media by integrating popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, making sharing of materials and information easier.

Also, RMAF has a few things up its sleeve, including online contests for its friends, fans and followers.

Here is the mechanics for the Lucky 55th Anniversary contest:

And up and coming is The Great Medallion Hunt, details to be released soon.

Stay tuned for updates.

Check out the (new) RMAF website at

And check them out on these social networks:



Earth Day/Week on Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation

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At Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation’s social network sites, Earth Day was not only celebrated for one day, but for a week! These posts, from RMAF’s Instagram appeared on April 22-26, 2013. Kudos to the foundation’s social media team!

Sithiporn Kridakara (Thailand), Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Public Service, 1967.

Angel Alcala (Philippines), Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Public Service, 1992, for his pioneering scientific leadership in rehabilitating the coral reefs of the Philippines and in sustaining for Filipinos the natural abundance of their country’s marine life.

Chandi Prasad Bhatt (India), Ramon Magysaysay Awardee for Community Leadership, 1982.


Arroyo’s Legacy, Aquino’s Burden? A Forum on the State of the Philippine Environment

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Is yellow also green? Will the incoming Aquino administration continue with the Arroyo administration’s legacy of ecological destruction, plunder of natural resources, and human rights violations of environmental defenders? Join us as we list down expectations and challenges for P-Noy’s debut State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 26.
Please confirm your attendance with CEC-Phils through 9209099 or
Thank you very much!

Research, Education and Advocacy (REA) Unit

Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines
No.26 Matulungin St., Bgy. Central Quezon City, Philippines 1100
TelefaxNo. +632-9209099,+632-9248756


Defending Biodiversity, Defending Life

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Center for Environmental Concerns-Philippines
and Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment
invite you to

Defending Biodiversity, Defending Life:
Multisectoral Forum on the Protection of Philippine Biodiversity

31 May 2010 (Monday), 1:00 p.m.
Conference Room D, Balay Kalinaw,
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C.

In recognition of 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, we invite you to take a look the state of Philippine biodiversity resources, especially in the context of worsening plunder of our natural resources and ecosystems and aggravated by emerging climate change impacts. The forum aims to gather experts and multi-sectoral groups to discuss and gain a shared understanding of the state of Philippine biodiversity, discuss current threats and projections, and proposed responses to this rising crisis.


This is an event sponsored by the Center for Environmental Concerns – Philippines, a non-government organization I work for part-time as writer, researcher and documenter. 🙂


GK Onyx Online Bazaar

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My friend Tin is organizing the Gawad Kalinga Onyx online bazaar for the purposes of raising funds for GK Onyx’s scholars. We will be helping her out in her endeavors. 😉

Pre-orders are done through the GK Onyx Online Bazaar Multiply site and pick-ups as well as other sales will be done on December 12 at Terry Wong’s residence in Acropolis Subdivision, Libis, Q.C.

Havin Starbucks coffee at Seattles Best! ;)

With Tin havin Starbucks coffee at Seattle's Best Megamall! 😉 Photo credit: Preachy Mae Torres


A Day at the Global Pinoy Bazaar

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We made our way to Rockwell on the last of the two-day Global Pinoy Bazaar that I was so raring to go to. It took a lot of effort too mind you, at least to me. I was feeling energy-less that day (oh more so the day before) but this bazaar was something I was definitely not going to miss.. and with good reason.

Taxi dropped us off a short walk away from the bazaar entrance.

Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent

First booths we saw were of the Yabang Pinoy advocates. Already went crazy but fought off the urge to buy the first thing I got my hands on. Ryan had to sort of drag me away from the way-too-cool t-shirts, bags, stickers and journals. We arrived in the middle of the program so I could hear Ali Sangalang reading a poem in the background amidst cheers from friends and supporters. 😉

We got to the tent entrance and was told there was an entrance fee of P100. That almost turned me off because I could not get the idea of having to pay so you could get inside a bazaar where you will (ideally) do nothing but purchase; but I figured we already made our way there and we might as well go inside. (Will someone tell me though what this entrance fee is for because I was not paying attention..)

Global Pinoy Bazaar tickets

They also gave us these….

Global Pinoy magazine

Upon closer look of the Yabang Pinoy magazine/pamphlet cover I realized that its a photo of a “Takatak” with cigarettes in it. Hmmmm… Couldn’t they have found a better photo or item without seemingly advertising smoking? (I read the magazine and thought, couldn’t they have found some other thing?)

Went about the OC-way through the bazaar. Saw lots of awesome cool things at every turn. Saw people I knew like Jasmine Mendiola whom I had a play with, Tanghalang Ateneo back in 2003; like Kabbie and Mitor whom we went to Coron with in June 2008 and went to a few TF house parties with; and even saw Paula Peralejo manning or hanging out at a booth. (I used to see her at the CASAA in U.P.Dil)

Saw lots of clothes and shoes that I just wanted to get, all of them, hahaha, except of course I’m not wealthy like that. 😉 And then in one corner I see Momo shoes. The uber-cool Momo shoes that I absolutely could just not resist, I just had to try one on.. and I never really try anything on unless I am absolutely into buying. I picked this one out! Ibong Adarna shoes! Aren’t they totally gorgeous?!:D

With all the other Momos!

After the first shot was taken, I realized two things. One, we forgot to bring the 18-135mm lens and was gonna get by with the 50mm. Two, I got there without combing my hair! Hahahahaha! I took a shower some time in the afternoon, put my hair up without combing in a tight bun right away to keep it away from Lia, took care of Lia and fell asleep with her for an hour or so, got dressed after waking up and took off.

So that is how I ended up with this hair when I went over to buy a dress at a booth a few steps away from Momo’s. I had wanted another blue dress, but well, I could only afford one so I made Ryan pick out which. I still keep thinking about that bright blue dress though. Maybe I will make it all the way to The Ruins where they said they have a shop. Love their loose dresses!

Fitting out a Frou Frou dress

This I suppose is one of those rare moments I have my face not angled to either right or left, which one of my friends just had to point out one time. 😛 And so, this is how my face looks like when it’s not angled to either side. You can see my dimples, both of them, and even the little ones at the corners of my mouth. All these dimples Lia got. Yes, my daughter might look like Ryan but she has got my eyes and all of my dimples. Hooorah!

I can’t seem to find the site or any other information or link to this shop… Too bad. I loved loved their clothes.

After losing and finding Ryan, and chatting a bit with Kabbie and Mitor, we made our way down to the area where there were lots of stuff for kids. Went absolutely crazy there too.

A tiny weeny shirt for my Milkaholic niece

Ryan saw this shirt from Lalaughka and thought of my niece Marielle. I just had to get it for her. I hope she likes it! 😉 I had wanted to get some blocks for my nephew Sean from Loot Fairy but cash was running low. 😐

Urban dad with the Urban baby onesie

Kabbie and Mitor showed us the onesie they got from Urban Baby and we thought we should get one for Lia too! A Future Aktibista onesie for the true-blue U.P. baby. Though we were never real activists. 😐 I don’t understand why there should be a generalization. Sure, Ryan is an alumnus of some [famous] fraternity. Sure, I am a U.P. Repertory Company alumna, but I have never been to any rally. And that was absolutely my choice…

Anyway, visit the Urban Baby Multiply site to see more of these funky baby clothes and how to get your son/daughter/niece/nephew/inaanak/neighbor’s baby one. 😛

Emerging from the exit doors, we came upon food booths. Famished, I was into getting some food but more into trying to get back to the Yabang Pinoy booths to buy something before they closed. I made Ryan buy some delicious-looking cupcakes from Beehive.

The Beehive box of goodies

The Beehive at the Global Pinoy Bazaar

The Beehive goodies
Visit The Beehive’s Multiply site to see more of these yummy goodies and how to get your hands on one!

We made our way back to the front to finally make some purchases. There were some interesting t-shirts we wanted to look at again. I finally gave in to the Agos wallets. I bought myself a CamSur decorated blue one, to replace my Guess? wallet that I bought five, yes, five years ago! Wow, is that not amazing?! Hahahaha!

New wallet with the Agos peeps
I made the Agos peeps, with their Yabang Pinoy ID lanyards, pose with me. 😉

And of course, a photo opportunity to show off those Yabang Pinoy bands.
Agos - Yabang Pinoy advocates

Agos Shirts
Took a photo of that shirt we so wanted to get except that we wanted them in black instead of white. For the surfer dude and dudette in us. They told us they will come up with black tees, as per request, and would get in touch with us. Sure, sure! We’d love to have them t-shirts!

Yabang Pinoy booth

Mayabang siya talaga :P

Finally, one last photo. And no that is not John Lloyd. Hahahaha! 😛

We really had a blast at the Global Pinoy Bazaar. Looking forward to next year! Actually, looking forward to the next bazaar! 😀


Momo Custom Design Shoes

The Urban Baby

Lalaughka Inc.
2nd Floor, Stall 112 Fashion Bazaar A Market-Market, Taguig
0922-3191018 OR website at
On Facebook: World of Wacky Group

Agos Pilipinas

The Beehive

Cheers and more power to local products!


I Juana Change, Do You…?

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I remember first seeing the Lupang Hinirang video Mae did at the PAGASA Workshop of Hope back in March 2008 and how much it moved me. I remember being moved by Mae’s passion for what she believes in every time she said something, anything. I remember being moved by everybody else’s passion and wishing I could have that kind of passion too. I guess maybe in time…

I just saw this video two nights ago and I still feel the way I did when I saw that Lupang Hinirang video. It makes me smile while tears well up in my eyes at the same time. I cannot even begin to say why.

I absolutely love you Mae. Hurrah for you and for Raymond Lee and for us who all share the same birthday.. though seven years apart each (if I correctly remember.)

Endo (2007) - Written and directed by Jade Castro; co-written and produced by Michiko Yamamoto; and co-written and co-produced by Raymond Lee

Endo (2007) - Written and directed by Jade Castro; co-written and produced by Michiko Yamamoto; and co-written and co-produced by Raymond Lee

The people behind PAGASA are people I truly admire. I have missed you and I hope to see you more often. My apologies for being gone the past months.

Concept & direction: Mae Paner
Cinematography : Boy Yniguez
Vocals: Loboc Children’s Choir
Musical arrangement: Lutgardo Labad