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May 2015

Porto Conte and Capo Caccia, Sardegna, Italy

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Capo Caccia is situated a few kilometres from Alghero, on the southern point of a huge limestone triangle that wedges out into the sea. There are characteristic, impressive cliffs (nearly 300 m high) on its west side. It is renowned for the underground labyrinth of mysterious caves discovered in 1700. The most famous one is Grotta di Nettuno (2500 m long) that can be reached by sea or on ground climbing the 656 steps of Escala del Cabirol that lead to the cave. Although we did not venture to these caves or the grotto because of Lia, the view itself was enough for us. And I guess for others too.


Basilica di Saccargia, Sardinia, Italy

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“The Basilica della Santissima Trinità di Saccargia (English: “Basilica of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia”) is a church constructed entirely in local stone (black basalt and white limestone), with a typical appearance of Tuscan Romanesque style.”