One Bikolano artist and entrepreneur that I fervently support is Ana Janer Locsin, the woman behind Pitaka: Your Lifestyle Billfold. I met her for the first time at a restobar in Katipunan Avenue for a little meeting about her products and only then did I find out that we went to the same high school, she was with the same batch as my sister and that we share a lot of common friends.

I am immensely proud of her.

After seeing her products, I suggested she join the Global Pinoy Bazaar held annually at the Rockwell Tent by Yabang Pinoy advocates, another Filipino project I am very passionate about. I was joyous at the news that her products were sold out at the bazaar and that afterwards, she participated in more bazaars with similar success.

I have some of her pitakas and I use them wherever I go. They are sturdy, they are colorful, and they have really nice designs that show Filipino culture.

About Pitaka


PiTAKA prides itself with Pinoy ad hoc designs inspired by everyday Pinoy culture which is evident in its designs.


Pitaka wallets are made from outdoor tarpaulin, with custom and pre-made designs. It measures approximately 3 x 5 inches where you can store personal i.d.’s, coins, and even a small mobile phone. Aside from its durable material, the PiTAKA Lifestyle prides itself with Pinoy quirky designs inspired by everyday Pinoy culture which is evident in its designs.

The PiTAKA wallets are also intended for corporate giveaways and event souvenirs as the wallets can be “custom-made”. For corporate giveaways, the PiTAKA team can have the company’s logo and other elements to be used for marketing promotions and/or corporate branding.

PiTAKA wallets are also open to both online resellers, individual representatives and physical stores. Costing for these group is slightly different.


Pitaka started out with 3×5 wallets.



Check out the entire collection HERE.


But now they also have iPad sleeves.



The iPad sleeves go at a suggested retail price of Php 400, is open to resellers and is also open for custom design.


And the latest addition to their products, a passport holder.



I want one of these! They would be really cute to carry around. I would proudly take out my passport every time it needs to be inspected. The officials would take one look and think, “Oh wow, that’s nice. Something nice to see, for a change,” or something to that effect.


They have got a lot of awesome designs! Here are some of them:



For more designs, click HERE.


They also do custom designs.


Subscribe to the Facebook page for updates on the latest products as well as announcements for bazaar schedules. Get one for yourself, and some more for your family and friends.


I don’t even have to say this anymore, but please, do support Pinoy products.




PiTAKA {Your Lifestyle Billfold}
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Globe: 0916 747 4028
Sun: 0932 232 1191
Landline: 02 3818286
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