We were bound for the beach again even though I was not in the mood for some swimming. My mood had me dress myself in a tight red top that my friend Summer had given me for my birthday many summers ago – it says Wiitarded; a black skinny jeans, the only pair of pants I brought to the island; and my favorite brown sneakers, that I bought for Php200 at some thrift shop. I had even put on lipstick! On this particular Sunday afternoon, all I wanted was to just sit about.

It was sunny and my bag was heavy as usual. We stayed in the shade of the waiting shed, with my bag resting on the bench. Lia was in the mood for some shots. Really, sometimes, she’d say no when I ask her if I can take a photo of her. You would say, why do you still ask? And my answer is, I don’t know. I just feel like I have to, just to be polite.

She had insisted on wearing my rosaries, calling them “princess necklaces” as on this day, she thought she was a princess wearing a “princess dress”.

I like how Lia has ideas of her own nearly all the time. It’s amusing to see what she comes up with, like on this shot that she had gamely posed for. There were a lot of shots actually, with her looking down, looking up, her foot this way and that way – poses that reminded me much of what my Travel Factor friends called “HF” for “high fashion”. I don’t do HF myself, so this was really entertaining for me.

It’s almost always just Lia and me. I take a lot of photos of things around me and Lia, but there’s no one to take photos of me! Soooo, I taught Lia how to take photos using my phone and my camera, so she can take photos of me.

And I must really say, she is good! I can’t say enough how proud of her I am. I just hand her my phone and she does the composition, I’d watch her flip the phone this way and that way, deciding whether to take the photo in landscape or portrait mode.

This is her shot of me, waiting for a tricycle that will take us to town.

We met up with Rej in town, and went to hang out at Makulay Lodge with Likha and Boris over guacamoles, mueslis, beers, iced teas and coffee.

We took turns taking photos.






Likha took the photos above and Boris took the photos below.



Lia was asleep during this time and I had some time to myself, with a cup of coffee, just staring out at the sea, watching people fish on their feet while it was low tide.