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September 2011

Dong Abay at Chef Doy’s Gourmet Restaurant

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Dong Abay and members of the band Coffeebreak Island arrived in Naga this morning via Penafrancia bus lines, and was promptly brought to their accommodations in CWC. I went to pick them up for our lunch at Chef Doy’s Gourmet Restaurant.

at Chef Doy's Gourmet Restaurant

We had sumptuous lunch and then coffee and beers after. We also met and had a bit of chit chat with chefs Doy and Che. It was one busog, and thereafter sleepy, afternoon.

I checked into FourSquare and ousted the mayor of Chef Doy’s, increasing my mayorships to 9. Hahaha. I don’t know why I’m saying that, it doesn’t really make sense, but what the heck! *winks!


Davao Downtown – Ponce Suites, Magsaysay Park, Jack’s Ridge, Matina Town Square

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Straight from the Pearl Farm Marina, our cab brought us to Ponce Suites in downtown Davao. H picked this place because he thought, being all artsy it was, I was going to love it. It was the weirdest place ever and quite scary to be sleeping in to tell the truth. Or maybe I was not in the proper mindset  (I always say that to excuse myself.)

Ponce Suites, Davao

Nevertheless, we sampled their menu, had all our breakfasts at the penthouse resto and even spent some time hanging out, literally, really, as in literally, on a cage jutting out of the building’s top floor, with some drinks.

Ponce Suites, Davao

Breakfast at Ponce Suites


If it were not for its commercial purpose, Ponce Suites in Dona Vicenta Village, Davao City, could have been placed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most decorated establishment in the world…with artworks from a single artist. Here are a few words from about Kublai Ponce-Millan, one of the most prolific contemporary artists in the country.

Kublai Ponce-Millan, who created all these giant works, was born on July 8, 1974 in Cotabato City. He finished schooling at the University of the Philippines with a degree of Fine Arts. After which, he dedicated his life back in Mindanao, sculpting the culture from which, where which he grew up, as a human being and as a soul. The massive pieces magnify calm, passion and grief proportonately in the stone-grain finish accomplished with the five-year technique developed through various weathers accompaning their inceptions and growth, from steel and wiremesh underpinnings above and below ground, to the finishing of the last detail of the gesturing hand. – Click here for the source.


iTyphoon – an Android App

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With the iTyphoon application developed for Android platform by Nueva Technologies and launched last September 6, 2011, you can now get typhoon updates for FREE!

iTyphoon is a premium application that provides typhoon updates. It has four (4) screens: Details, Map, Reference, and Credits.

The Details screen:
1. HEADING (update number, current update date/time, next update date/time)
2. ICON (intensifying, weakening, steady)
3. SUMMARY (Philippine typhoon name, international typhoon name, current eye location, maximum windspeed, gustiness, area of responsibility, direction and speed, heading towards location)
4. BACKGROUND (no typhoon, over ocean, landfall)
5. NARRATIVE (descriptive behavior of the typhoon)
6. SIGNALS (Public Storm Signal Warnings issued by PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration)
7. DISTANCES (distances with respect to places of interest and popular destinations)
8. FORECAST (weather outlook for the next 2-5 days)

Screenshots (Typhoon Mina) - Details Screen (Update, Icon, Summary, Narrative, and Background)


Bicol Night at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe – September 17, 2011

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Bicol Night at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe



Genre: Rock, Blues, Alternative

Bola Morallo – vox
Philip Albia – Guitars, back-up vox
Jm Ursua – Bass, back-up vox
Kent Torres – Drums

Brothers in Arms
Gareth Somers-bass
Rj Sy-bass
Jayson Serano-drums
John Collao-drums
Duke Dadap-keys
Gigi Catolico-wrapper


Imprints by Dispatch Media at Cubao X – Sept 15, 2011

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DISPATCH MAGAZINE brings you IMPRINTS: Soul on Sole // A Travel Art Installation Event

‘IMPRINTS’ is an art installation and stop motion video screening of DISPATCH MAGAZINE’s roster of independent and alternative travelers’ favorite footwear. It is all about a traveler’s character and personality as defined by his favorite travel footwear; hence, his soul on sole: The places he go; the moments, his passions and experiences herewith.

Sept 15 / Cubao X / 7PM

Imprints by Dispatch Media


This event is brought to you by Dispatch Media with website at


Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao, November 2006 – Part II

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In the mornings, we headed to the resto for the breakfast buffet then went for a stroll or a swim or a nap. We didn’t really find a lot of things to do there other than what one would call “relax”. At one point we decided we we’re going to explore the island and headed for the resort gate to walk out and explore what’s beyond BUT we didn’t quite make it.

The Parola, Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao

The Parola, Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao


Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao, November 2006 – Part I

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My very first point-and-shoot camera, the very first waterproof camera that Pentax put out in the market back in 2005, was a gift from H. My very first digital SLR, bought in 2006, was a wedding present from H. The first photos taken with this camera, an Olympus E-500, were taken during our post-wedding trip to Davao two days after the wedding.

This is where I take a trip down memory lane, in my desire to look at how I was, at twenty-four years old, a very young bride and still fresh from my year spent living in El Nido where I spent days eating six times a day and getting a full 8-hours of sleep almost every night.

This is also where I take a trip down memory lane, in my desire to look at how the very first pictures we took, with our camera, bought just the day before, its manual we never really read, looked like.

The package we got at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort was at P18,000 for the two of us for a three-days and two-nights stay with all the meals included as well as boat transfers.

To get to the resort, all boat transfers are done at the Pearl Farm Marina.

Pearl Farm Marina, Davao

Checking in and listing in for the transfer to Samal Island

Pearl Farm Marina, Davao

Waiting for the transfer


Dong Abay at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe – Sept. 16, 2011

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Dong Abay – A Wharf Galley Penafrancia Special is presented to you by:

Globe Tattoo/Prepaid
Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill
Chef Doy’s Gourmet Restaurant
Bigg’s Diner
Asiawise Study Center
Global Visa Support
Gouldian Colours
Beer Below Zero Degrees

Tickets at P200 (Gate Price). Pre-selling at P150 to Non-Members and P100 to Members.

Click here to learn how to become a Wharf Galley Rock Cafe member.


The Good Old Days in Coron

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These are just about the “best” photos I have of Coron from that trip in April 2008. All the rest are just trash. I spent three days in Coron and hopped on to El Nido aboard a boat. My last day in Coron was spent hanging out with locals – friends I had made on my first trip to Coron back in October 2007.

My friend had picked me up at the lodge I was staying at so we can have lunch at another friend’s house in Capayas. We spent the afternoon hanging out at Cabu Beach. We were on scooters and in going to Cabu Beach, my hair had gotten all tangled from the dust. I could not comb it afterwards. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful quiet time by the beach.

Cabu Beach, Coron, Palawan, April 2008

Cabu Beach, Coron, Palawan April 2008

Cabu Beach is not a white-sand beach but it provided a beautiful view of the sea, particularly the route that Super Ferry takes to get to the Coron town port in Busuanga Island.


The Silly Panty at the Silly Store

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After a long day of going everywhere with Myx – local high schools, the Pili Municipal Hall, my friend’s house, the airport, the Cam. Sur Water Sports Complex, Ateneo de Naga University and San Miguel Corporation office, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to Wharf, even if I have been missing Tanikala Tribe for a while now. I made it home in time to take Lia out for a little trip outside!

We took a pedicab to we didn’t know where…. until I had this funtastic idea!

“Is that store in the old Benjie cinema still open at this time?” I asked the pedicab driver. He said it closed at eight.

When we got there, the guard was already closing some of the display windows. Apparently, they close at seven thirty, and Lia and I barely made it!

We walked in and Lia and I went silly crazy! Coz we’re silly crazy like that!

By the entrance was a row of colorful plastic flowers! Lia loves flowers. Actually, she only loves them because she loves giving them to me. Flashback to that fight she and her cousin Marielle had over these plastic flowers on a vase at my dad’s house. Lia has made a habit out of taking the flowers out of the vase and giving them to me. She wants to see me holding them with my hands, and preferably near my chest, if not on top of it when I am lying down.

So on this one afternoon when my eldest sister and her daughter were at my dad’s house, Lia took the flowers and gave them to me. Her cousin took the flowers, which were lying on top of my chest, and says, “This is mine!” Lia ran to her and tried to take the flowers back saying, “This is my Mama’s flowers! My Mama’s flowerrrrsssss!” and thus began a screaming, crying match with a tug-of-war for the beloved plastic flowers. I looked at my daughter’s eyes, her face streaming with tears and saw the struggle for “her Mama’s flowers” and I didn’t know whether to laugh or stay mum. Half of me wanted to just take the flowers away from my niece and tell her, “Yes this is MY flowers!” but I’d like to believe I’m the kind of mother that lets my daughter fight her own fights.


A Trip to Bagasbas Beach with the Family

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I have been raring to go to Bagasbas Beach in Camarines Norte, about 115 kilometers away from Pili and more or less two hours drive by car, for quite some time that when H came over, fresh from his business trip from Germany, we made it a point to go, with the little one in tow, of course.

The plan was to leave Pili very early so we’ll arrive in Bagasbas early morning for some breakfast, a bit of surfing in the morning, a little nap after lunch and some surfing in the afternoon before going back home to my dad’s house.

Total Gas Station and Ford Dealership. Avenue Square is right across the street.

I have never been a morning person and we needed to get new papers from the Ford dealership because the car’s registration plate has not arrived yet and we needed a jack for my phone and the car’s stereo, and so, we arrived in Bagasbas at two o’clock in the afternoon. We headed straight to Leo’s Cuisine – our favorite place to eat in Bagasbas Boulevard because of the delicious food and the view.

Bagasbas Beach, Camarines Norte