Unable to leave home to attend meetings, I resisted the urge to do laundry. I resisted the urge to do laundry because it would take all day and as H said, would make me too tired. Ahem. I resisted the urge to do laundry but in the end gave in to cleaning the dirty kitchen sink, then the stove, then the dirty kitchen, then the bathroom, then the kitchen sink inside the house, then the cabinet doors, then the bathroom door, then the back door. Ahem.

Cleaning the house, which has been almost-empty for nearly three months, one little dirty nook and cranny at a time. I, at least, resisted the urge to do laundry. Maybe tomorrow?

Since I play the roles of housewife, nanny and maid, Lia and I do all the housework together. We do laundry together, we brush bathroom tiles together, we sweep the floor together, each with a broom and dustpan in hand. It’s quite a nice sight, frankly. Though I wish she is older than two.

I am wondering how long we can keep this up though, that I do my meetings with my toddler in tow. Sometimes I think I live in the USA. Hahahahahahahaahhaahahhahahahaahha!

(This post should have been on that secret Friendster blog. Alas, Friendster is dead.)