I like the fact that Lia is friends with the neighborhood kids here in the province. She gets along very well with the older ones too, even if she can’t really speak. On this one afternoon, she went out all by herself to the neighbor’s house where the older kids are practicing a dance for a local program here in the baranggay where my cousin is captain.

It’s funny because I really did not expect to see her dancing with the other kids and I was not prepared. I saw her dancing away with the kids, trying to follow in the steps, and so I decided to go back to the house, up the stairs to get the camera, back down again, only to find out that the battery is empty, so I go back to the house, up and down the stairs again to get a new battery, so I can take a video of her dancing with them. By then, she was already tired and only half-heartedly dancing. Nevertheless, it was fun documenting whatever was left of her dancing time with the other kids.

I was just thinking how nice that these kids are practicing dance to participate in the local program. It’s also nice that they include Lia in their activities and Lia participates with zest. Lia dear, you make me smile.