As I was looking through Jino Celebrado of Gouldian Photography‘s Facebook wall, I saw this post:

Actually, the first thing I thought about was my mom and how we’re gonna celebrate this day still with her… and then I remembered, it’s also my sister Jasmin and my brother Carmelo’s wedding anniversaries…. and then lastly, I remembered that I’m also a mom and it’s also my day….

So anyway, I went to their website and boom, there I am, in love with a place I have not been to just yet. I guess, Gilbert Fernandez, I am not going to your summer pool party slash Pacquaio-Mosley fight at Ramashinta Resort and Spa. (Final na! :P)

The Travel Factor Food Trip Bicol is still in the works and I am figuring out a way on how to include this place in the itinerary, but I guess I have to do an ocular of it myself first. Do watch out for my blog on this place when I finally have. It reminds me of Eden Nature Park in Davao, and I have this feeling that it might actually be better. I guess we will just have to see for ourselves and find out.

Stonehouse Gardens Resort wait for meeee! 😉

Check out the resort’s Facebook page as well.