I have been uber busy with a lot of things lately, and I’m not complaining, I love every minute of it. We have a lot of events scheduled at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, and things are looking up. We have bands from Manila like Brownman Revival playing tonight and Razorback on the 15th, as well as a ska band from Legazpi, Stolenshots on Sunday. My friend Ver Estotsenberg designed the posters for Brownman and Stolenshots (much thanks Dude!).

Brownman Revival in Naga

We will also be operating seven days a week now, as opposed to the old Wednesdays to Sundays open days. My friend Chef Summer‘s menu will now be implemented, with rice meals, sandwiches, pasta, pizza now on the menu. (Happy Birthday dearie! Much love!) I have been working closely with my friend Chase for supplies from Coca-Cola so that we can now also have soft drinks, bottled water, and juice drinks on the menu. I am waiting for the Takoyaki cook set from Japan and soon enough we will be putting up a Takoyaki stall in front of the cafe in the afternoons, with REAL coffee being served upstairs.

I am working closely with my friend GP Priela who is an architect-interior designer, who originally made the design for Wharf Galley back in 2007, and we will be putting up a bar and display area for merchandise, like T-shirts, mugs and CDS, on the ground floor, as well as a cocktail table type of ledge in the ground floor by the aquariums. I hope to be able to have this set up this week. The t-shirts will be available next week too, a colleague from theater and a film and television actor Neil Ryan Sese, is working on the shirts now.

Oh wow, someone caught my mentor, boss, favorite teacher in the world and director Jose Estrella on a picture! Astounding. That’s Lex Marcos, actor, singer, poster and set designer on the left, who did the sets for PETA’s Ang Post Office, Dulaang UP’s Amphitryon and Atlantis’ Next to Normal and just recently did the set of Rep Philippines‘ Shakespeare in Hollywood. (Sorry Dude, I have not been able to post the Amphitryon photos and I didn’t make it to Atlantis and Rep’s shows to shoot. I’ll make it up to you soon!) My mentor Jose Estrella is at center, who recently did Tanghalang Pilipino’s Banaag at Sikat the Musical and of course, Amphitryon. I think this is a photo taken during the Amphitryon days, as both Lex and Neil (on the right) act on this hilarious play. I will put up the Teatro Pilipinas website up very soon. Watch out for it this month too! *winks*

I am also working out the availability of a big flat screen TV at Wharf so we can play videos of concerts during the days and times when there are no bands performing, and working on having cable TV installed at the cafe, along with the restoration of our wi-fi access. Also, big news, we will be showing the Pacquaio vs Mosely fight on May 8 (!!!) so we are preparing for that.

The videos and events page on the Wharf Galley website are always updated as well as the Calendar page. The Gallery page shows some photos from the Wharf through the years as well as a collection of posters of events done through the years. I will have people shoot the food so we can print out a new menu when the menu has been finalized. Mixed drinks and cocktails will soon be available too, as soon as the bar area is set up downstairs. The bands playing at Wharf Galley never cease to amaze me. I especially love it when they play original songs. It showcases how much talent we Bicolanos have. Do keep it up! We are here to support you in any way we can.

H has taken the time to help me out in putting Wharf Galley Rock Cafe on Google Maps. Much thanks for that H!
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Even my friends from Travel Factor are being the loving, supportive friends they are by organizing a trip to Naga and joining in on the fun on the 15th, the Razorback event. Tickets for that event is selling like hotcakes because even though we have not released the printed tickets yet, people are coming over to the bar to leave their names and payment. It’s going to be one awesome night for everyone!

I am very, very grateful for all my friends who are very supportive of all my efforts. I love you guys. Thanks so, so, so much. Let’s rock on! Continue to live high!