Lia went to three weddings in 2009 (and none in 2010). The first one being my brother’s when Lia was just about a month old.

Lookie here! My little one is looking at the camera! So cute! *smiles*

Such a cute sleeping little one. I was even chastised for not putting on jammies on her. Hahaha!

Three months later, it was my friend Marra’s wedding. I went to college with Marra. We were blockmates. I even went to live with her in their condo in Fort Bonifacio for a month. We took four-month old Trellia to the wedding.

Above photo was a photo taken by Paul Vincent, the official photographer of the event. That was Lia meeting her Mama’s college blockmates and friends, Tita Sao and Tita Mikee (Joanna) right before the procession began.

Photo by Kat Dy

Lia has such funny expressions

This was a really funny photo! I absolutely love it!

Photo by Kat Dy

We also took her to the reception, which was just about right outside the church. Or maybe about a block away. Hahaha!

Lia getting acquainted with Tita Myanne

Lia being adopted as a daughter by Sir Henry and his wife, Mikee

And then four months later, it was my high school friend May’s wedding in Naga. We took 8-month old Trellia to the church for the wedding but brought her home to my parents’ house before going to the reception. She was at that stage where she got bored easily and fussed and fidgeted.

brown-eyes Mama with fussy Lia

She had wanted to drive…

Toothless Lia driving the car outside the church

Lia gazing at the sparkles on my face – a reflection from the ribbon on her shirt

I have not attended any weddings lately with Lia. She is such a precocious toddler that it has become so tiring to bring her along to such events. I still do try to bring her along on all my travels. Well, I suppose until she is still less than 24 months and is entitled to free airfare. *laughs*

2009 was a great year. Despite having had financial difficulties and having experienced Typhoon Ondoy firsthand, it was still a great year. Happy. I thought that year was bad – until 2010 happened. Oh well…


… I think I am missing having a baby much… Hmm. Maybe I need to make a new one soon. *winks*