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October 2010

October 30th Last Year

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I just remembered, as we were in the car, headed out to the Cultural Center of the Philippines for H’s surprise, which turned out to be a performance of the Philippine Madrigal Singers with the special participation of the instrument ensembles from the Philippine Montessori Center and Temple Hill International School with PMCIE ’09 NY Tour Group, where we were exactly the same day last year.

We were at JMa and Nick’s joint birthday party at the now-non-existent 9 Mile Bar in Kalayaan Avenue. Unlike this year when I turned up with an all black ensemble, befitting of a patron-of-the-arts (according to Nick) hobnobbing with the elite members of the Manila society and the vice-president himself (eventually to end up in Cubao X for the Meiday event), I was in a flimsy little ecru dress in powdery blue wings, in my best attempt to be in costume-but-not-really so.

With the birthday girl, Janice and Ktin, who is now in U.K.


The Naga Cathedral (Camarines Sur)

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Naga Cathedral, Naga City

The Naga Cathedral in Naga City, Camarines Sur was erected of Padia-an when the Diocese of Nueva Caceres was created by a Papal Bull of August 14, 1595. The cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1768. The construction of the present cathedral in Spanish-Romanesque style began in 1808, led by Bishop Bernardo dela Concepcion. It was finished and blessed by Mons. Tomas Ladron de Guevara in 1843. It was damaged by typhoon in October 1856 and restored by the very Rev. Fray Francisco Gainza in 1862-1879. It was damaged by an earthquake in 1887 and repaired by Obras Publicas under the direction of Bishop Arsenio Campo and Engineer Ricardo Ayuso in 1890.


Around my Birth Place – Naga City (Camarines Sur)

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I made a visit to my birthplace in February 2010 and took some time to go around the city, just to take photos here and there.

I took the bus from Pili, which is about 15 kilometers and 30-45 minutes away, and got off at the Central Bus Terminal – a short walk away from the recently opened SM City Naga.

SM City Naga

Judging from the number of motorcycles in the parking lot, it seems that the motorcycle fever has hit the Nagueños.

SM City Naga


4th Wedding Anniversary

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October 30, 2006

Photo by Edwin Tuyay

Today is H and I’s fourth wedding anniversary… We first got together in August 27th 2000 though we don’t celebrate that anymore. He says he has a surprise for me. I just actually want to go out and party. Hahahaha. Cubao X later we will come.. 😉


Our Batanes Trip Summary: Itinerary and Expenses

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At long last, I am done with all the photos and all the posts. It is time for a summary. This is basically for anyone who wants to go to Batanes and is wondering where to stay, where to eat, what to do and see, and how much will it actually cost. Here is our itinerary and expenses incurred in our 6D/5N stay in Batanes.


Sept 27, 2010 (Day 1)
– arrival at the Basco Airport at 7:30 AM, picked up at the airport by the Novita House van and our tour guide, Ate Remy Santos
– rest and exploration of Abad and nearby streets
– Lunch at Novita House
– pick up at 1:00 pm for our half-day tour of the Northern part of Batan Island


Places to Eat in Basco, Batanes

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There aren’t a lot of places to eat in Basco. Some of the places listed in some travel blogs do not even exist anymore. While we were there, we had someone cook food for us at Novita House. In our six days and five nights in Batanes, we did manage to find places to hang out at.

1. Lunchbox Restaurant

Though we were informed the Lunchbox Restaurant is independent of DDD Habitat, they do share the same building. Food here is good enough for its price. Be prepared to wait though.

DDD Habitat Inc.


Accommodations in Batanes

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When we were looking for accommodations in Batanes, I found two other blog sites especially helpful – and because of that, I thought it would be also be nice if I helped out in return by posting more information. On our way back from biking from Mahatao, we also took a little bit of time checking out where the other accommodations in Basco are.


About 3 kilometers outside of Basco town proper, this is a pretty and quiet place to stay at. Food is really, really good too. If you don’t mind staying too far out from where the stores and other places to eat are, this would be just fine. Rate: P1.800/day. Click here to read separate post.

Batanes Resort, Batan Island

Website: Batanes Resort
Contact: 02-922-9621 local 327 or 332 (Ivatan Center in Quezon City)


Eating at Batanes Resort

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Batanes Resort is about 3 kilometers away from the town proper of Basco and we passed by it on our way to the port in Ivana when we were on our way to Sabtang Island, and we passed by it again when we were doing the southern tour of Batan Island.

When we decided to ride our bikes to Mahatao, we passed by it again and decided it was a great place to have dinner. They have a P200 set meal that included rice, salad and two viands. The food was absolutely delicious and was well worth the price.

Batanes Resort, Batan Island

The lobby and reception area

Batanes Resort, Batan Island

The lobby and reception area


Mahatao, Batanes – Places to See

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Mahatao town proper is 7 kilometers away from the town of Basco. We know because we biked it. One and a half times!

Though on our official Southern Batan Island tour, now with 13 adults, infant, tour guide and van driver, the first stops were in Mahatao, and so were the last.


Chawa view deck, Batan Island, Batanes

Chawa view deck, Batan Island, Batanes


Uyugan, Batanes – Places to See

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Uyugan, the fourth and last town in Batan island, is a 6th class municipality in the province of Batanes, Philippines with a population of 1,203 people in 277 households (2007 census). It is in the southeastern part of Batan Island, bounded by Mahatao on the north, the Balintang Channel on the south, the Philippine Sea on the east and Ivana on the west.

The Uyugan town proper is 19 kilometers from Basco, and though we didn’t really make it to the town proper, the places to see in Uyugan include:


A group of destroyed lime and stone houses is what remains of this once vibrant village that was wiped out in a 1954 tidal wave. Its inhabitants had migrated after their village had been destroyed, some sources say Bukidnon, while other sources say Mindoro.

Song-song Ruins, Batan Island, Batanes

Song-song Ruins, Batan Island, Batanes


Ivana, Batanes – Town Tour

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After a brief stop in Mahatao to visit the San Carlos Borromeo church and register at the Tourism office, we headed for the town of Ivana. We’ve been to Ivana two days before, when we were on our way to Sabtang.

On our way to Ivana, we made a couple of stops by the side of the road.

We were told by our guide that this place can be a nice swimming area as it has a flat coral or stone bed (we could not determine which).

Batan Island, Batanes


Novita House, Basco, Batan Island, Batanes

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It has always been my mother’s dream to go to Batanes, so when SEAIR tickets went on sale, I immediately booked her one. My mother almost always never travels alone though. I have organized her trips to Coron and El Nido on separate occasions and she had me making travel arrangements for never less than five people. So on this trip to Batanes, I booked her a ticket, as well as her eight other friends.

On that note, we needed a house. I got them an entire house in El Nido and they liked that. They liked the fact that they could cook their own meals to save money. They have so much fun going to the market and cooking.

Novita House gate and porch, photo from the Novita House website


DDD Habitat, Inc. – Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batan Island, Batanes

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Four days before our trip to Batanes, we were denied services by Pension Ivatan, even after full payment, just because I expressed a sentiment about their booking policy. I, in panic, immediately called up DDD Habitat Inc. after I got the offensive text message from Mrs. Valiente, the General Manager of Pension Ivatan, and was able to book on the spot.

I read about DDD Habitat on Ferdz Decena’s website and their Facebook page and was able to call them on their landline. What struck me first and foremost was how nice the lady I talked to on the phone was. She was very polite and was easy to talk to. When I asked about downpayment, I was told a downpayment was not required. Hooray, I thought! “You could pay us when you get here. Or on your last day of stay.” That, given the circumstances, was the best thing I heard that day.

DDD Habitat Inc.

DDD Habitat is a fairly new place to stay and can be found along Lopez St. in Brgy. Kayvaluganan. It is walking distance from the airport, the National Road and Abad St. – the main street of commerce in Basco.


Lia in Sabtang Island, Batanes

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The night before, we were told we were going out very early so I woke up really early too. I woke up at 5 am! I was the one who woke up my Mama and Papa. I was that excited about this day.

My Mama told me the boat ride, in what was called a faluwa, might be rough and that I might get seasick so I braced myself. I did get a little seasick but I fell asleep in my Papa’s arms so it was not too bad.

That’s the reason I’m looking a little ruffled still while I was driving the jeepney all by my lonesome.

Lia driving a jeepney, Sinakan, Sabtang Island, Batanes

This is the way I drive a jeep, drive a jeep, drive a jeep.. so early in the morning

Jeepney, Sinakan, Sabtang Island, Batanes

I'm looking out because this is how I see everyone else do it