I have been really, really stressed out the past weeks. I have been really, really busy with so many things, primarily with taking care of Lia as she continually needs activities to busy herself with, as well as tying loose ends from the various little jobs I did.

So last week, I finally made it to Bonifacio High Street, which happens to be my favorite mall – not because I shop there but because the atmosphere totally relaxes me. It used to be the mall we go to all the time, when we still lived in the condo in Taguig.

Seriously, the only shops I go to in Bonifacio High Street are Bo’s Coffee Shop (if full then Starbucks, if full, then Seattle’s Best), Fully Booked and R.O.X.

I finally sought out the books I wanted and bought them. I sat (or laid) down and read and read and read until there was nothing to read anymore.

I bought Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Novel Book #9: Dead and Gone, and it goes splendidly along with the rest of my collection..

…and Sookie Stackhouse Novel #10: Dead in the Family.

But unfortunately, the paperback that goes with the rest of my collection has not been released yet. I ended up with a book that is bigger and has the entire cast of True Blood on the cover. The one with the cartoony cover that I like is only available on hardbound and it costs about P1,000.

I bought my Sookie Stackhouse Book 9 at Fully Booked for P315 and Book 10 at P499, while National Book Store online lists theirs as on sale at P447.25. Hmmm, maybe I should just buy my books at NBS…

I also bought Percy Jackson & The Olympians Book 2: The Sea of Monsters, just for added “light, simple” fiction, all in the quest for that relaxed reading experience.

I think so far, they have all been helpful.

I am now looking at the other books of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series on National Bookstore online and thinking of buying them. I used to buy a lot of books, until we started moving around all over Metro Manila, and I lost track of all of them. I had some of my books transported back to my parents house in Camarines Sur while more than half of what was left in Manila are still in the bookshelves in the condo in Taguig. I should get them… soon. I miss my books. I think maybe just looking at them helps me relax.. which is probably the reason why I love going to Fully Booked, even if their books are actually more expensive. 😐