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April 2010

My Surfbum Fish

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Many of my Travel Factor friends were in Baler, Aurora this past weekend participating in the 2010 Surfvivor Beach Games and someone posted a blog about how great her Baler experience was.

This led to discussions on when we should come back to Baler and where to stay. At some point I said, “I wanna go back to Baler and bring my short board with me so I can maximize my use of it,” or something to that effect, and someone said, “So you’re using a short board now.. The shortest I’ve used is a 7’10.. Tyx [another friend who happens to be a managing partner of TF as well] has a 6 flat board. Bongga.”

I didn’t know what to reply to that, because to be honest, I bought this fish from my friend who did not want it anymore and did not bother to ask about the specs. I did not even know the brand. *laugh laugh laugh* And of course, in this photo, I do not see a brand name anywhere..


My board resting against the wall of “The Apartment” or “Surfer’s Inn” in San Juan, La Union

So the first thing I do when my friend from whom I got my board gets onto Yahoo Messenger is ask her the brand and the specs. And that led me to this:

And lo and behold, this specs (and original price):

2x 5’9 x 20 x 2 1/2
blue rail spray/blue rail & bottom spray
double wing swallow
Php 17,500.00

Holy crap, I have got a 5’9 board!! No wonder I had such a hard time staying on top of it as almost 1/3 of my body was off the board when I paddled out. I should work on staying on it, balancing it while waiting for a wave, on top of being on a wave itself. Damn! No wonder I almost wanted to give up! No wonder I got totally wiped out at the Point in L.U. and for the first time in my surfing life, actually thought I was gonna drown! Good thing my instructor (who goes by the name of Anthony Valdez by the way) was cool and always rushed to help me out. *straight face goes here, like really*

I distinctly remember crying out to him, “Help!” hahahaha.. and clinging to him for dear life when he got to me instead of clinging to board (for dear life) only because he was nearer hahahaha. Damn it.

That whole experience does not mean I am giving up on this board. It only means I have got to get to Baler soon so I can work on my fish board skills. 😉

By the way, here is where I got the info about my Surfbum board.


My Student Driver Permit… Finally!

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After many, many, many months, or perhaps years, I finally got myself a student driver permit! I have been asking Ryan for a long, long, long time to teach me how to drive, I think before I even got pregnant, but we just could not find the time for it.

I remember asking my own father to teach me how to drive using his car, but he said back then, “I am surely not teaching you how to drive WHILE you are pregnant!” This inability to drive has been such a hindrance to my activities when I am in Camarines Sur. My parents have a car that I keep wanting to drive when I want to get a quick CWC fix or a little trip to Naga City, but alas, I have no license. Or more like, alas, I do not know how to drive!

So Ryan started teaching me last year, after I had the baby and every time we had some free time. At first it was just up and down the street, and then a little bit around the village, then he let me drive the car for maybe twenty kilometers on our way to Bicol from Manila last Christmas break down Almeda Highway and let me drive again for maybe almost an hour on our way back to Manila. I must say driving down that nice deserted highway was fun, only if I did not hold on to the steering wheel too tightly that it made my fingers sore! Hahaha.

Our lessons stopped in the aftermath of the great Ondoy as we did not have a car for almost three months! But after we got it back, I drove a little bit every now and then, in little increments at a time, like from the house halfway to the village gate, then up to the village gate, then up to Ortigas Avenue and then the farthest so far within Metro Manila, from Red Ribbon in Libis all the way to U.P. Yup, I have been driving around a stick-shift car without a license. *straight face goes here*

Actually, about a month or so ago, I went to the Land Transportation Office satellite in SM Hypermarket Pasig and was told I am supposed to go to the office next to the Ynares Sports Arena. I made it there two weeks ago, with my daughter in tow, and was told that the person in charge of permits and licenses only go to work in the morning. I was like, WTF?

So anyway, today I finally made it to the LTO office in the morning!! In less than an hour and P318 poorer (plus P25 for the plastic case) later, I had my student driver permit in hand! In a month, I intend to have my non-professional driver’s license in my hand, gleaming and proud!

Student Driver Permit

A portion of the student driver permit

This is the procedure for Student Driver Permit application as published on the LTO website:

1. Proceed to the Customer Service Counter to have your documents checked for completeness, and secure a Driver’s License Application Form. (This form is available for download here. You can accomplish this form prior to transacting your business at the LTO.) Get a queue number and wait for your number to be called.

2. When your number is called, proceed to the transaction counters to submit all required documents to the Evaluator.

3. Proceed to the Phototaking/Signature Area to have your picture and signature taken when your name is called.

4. Proceed to the Cashier when your name is called to pay the necessary fees and obtain an Official Receipt.

5. Proceed to the Releasing Counter, present the Official Receipt and claim the temporary student permit/license.

This is the procedure I went through:

1. Get an application form from the guy on the table outside and fill out. Attach photocopies of NSO-issued Birth Certificate and NSO-issued Marriage Certificate. Present all forms to guy on table outside, who looks at original copies of NSO, takes the photocopies and application form and staples them all together and stamps them with, I assume, something that says “Authenticity verified” or maybe just “Verified.” He does not give them back to me but instead hands it himself to person in glassed-in counter.

2. My name is called out on the loudspeakers telling me to go to “Photographer A”. I see a sign overhead that says “Photographer A and B” with an arrow, and so I walk over. Get my photo taken, wherein guy actually says “SMILE!” and thus the big smile on my permit, and walks over to (wow, so sosyal!) WACOM tablet to give them my signature. I then walk over to waiting area to wait for my name to be called.

3. Person on loudspeaker calls out a list of names, including mine, to go to Cashier: Window 7. I go over to Cashier and pay P318.00. I walk back to seats and wait for my name to be called.

4. A person calls out my name in Window 8, no loudspeaker this time. She gives me my printed out student driver permit, along with my receipt and asked me if I wanted to buy a plastic case for my paper permit for P25. An image of Lia crumpling my permit and/or munching it in her salivacious mouth flashed in my head and very quickly, I say yes.

That had me walking out of the gate into the hot street that is Shaw Boulevard in less than an hour. Wow, that was really quick! I loved it! If only all government office transactions were as quick as that.

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Deactivated Voter’s Registration

Musings By April 12, 2010 No Comments

I was watching the news today about the usual, the elections, and of course, NAMFREL has something to say about missing registered voters’ names as well as un-updated voters lists, and someone was interviewed about checking his registration status online and not finding his name on the database… and we were like, “Wha…? You can now check your registration status online?!?”

But then I went back to my room, went back to processing and uploading photos and forgot about the whole thing.. until I went on my Facebook and saw my friend’s link on making sure one is on COMELEC’s registration list and checking one’s name online. Yahoo! I got the link and went on to check my name.. and this is what I got. *straight face goes here*

Screen shot 2010-04-12 at 11.17.31 PM

Well, so much for endeavoring to make it to until the May 10 elections, from my April 22 arrival (hopefully) with my daughter who I will be away from for three whole nights this weekend as we will be going on the Travel Factor trip to Calaguas Island. It’s going to be the longest time yet that I will be away from her. You would think this time I should be used to it but no I am not. The longest so far I have not been with her was two nights! My in-laws are picking her up Friday afternoon as we are leaving by bus Friday night going to Daet and we will be back Monday morning as the bus leaves Daet Sunday night. Technically, we will only be sleeping in the island one night but two whole nights are spent on travel alone. I really wish I could take Lia with me to the island (Calaguas) but we will be sleeping in tents and the boat ride might not be very safe.

I will, though, try my hardest to take her with me to El Nido on the 22nd. We are attending my students graduation. They were my students when they were only in 2nd grade, ages 7 to 8, and now they are graduating from grade school (ages 11 and 12). I wouldn’t miss their graduation for the world. It turns out though I don’t have to stay there until May 10th, as my registration has been deactivated for….

Screen shot 2010-04-12 at 11.31.00 PM

No, I have not been court-sentenced!! 😛 I came “home” late in 2007.. instead of making it to the May 14th, I arrived May 25th. I really don’t remember why. I do remember why I did not make it to the October 29th baranggay elections, I was a few islands away, in Coron! Oh my. Hahaha. 😐

Oh well, next elections I guess….


Lia’s Birthday Celebration

Family By April 10, 2010 No Comments


49th Floor (Roof Deck) One San Miguel Avenue Building
San Miguel Avenue cor. Shaw Boulevard
Ortigas Center, Pasig

This was mainly organized by an events planner, who took care of talking to the caterers, cupcakes and cake supplier and the photo booth supplier.

Caterer: Baby Nathan’s Kitchen
**(view related blog entry here)

Photo booth: Funshots Booth
**(view related blog entry here)

Photo documentation: Cheekay Torres and other friends

The cake, cupcakes and decors as well as face painting and ice cream cart were also handled by our events planner.


Happy Anniversary to the Mommy Me..

MOMents By April 7, 2010 No Comments

Today, I celebrate not only my daughter’s first birthday but my first anniversary as a mother. Today, I realized that I will always remember this date and celebrate it, not for my daughter, but for me. Every year my daughter celebrates her birthday, I will commemorate the day I became a mother – undoubtedly, the single most life-changing event of my life.

[more to follow….]


To Blog or Not To Blog

Musings By April 2, 2010 No Comments

I am all over the internet. I am very googable. I write a lot of stuff everywhere, post a lot of pictures and can be seen in every social networking site that ever hit this side of the planet. Sometimes I wonder if that is right, sometimes I wonder if it’s what I want or how I want things to be. Do I not value my privacy?

I have been asked more than once as to why I blog. I forget now how I defended myself or my actions but I am sure poorly.

Every now and then I ask myself that same question, why do I blog?

Yesterday I chanced upon someone’s blog, someone very close to me, and since it was an old blog, I went through three or four years worth of blog entries – and in the process, learned a lot about how that person thought, felt and how things, events, persons, were generally perceived. Close as we are, I did not know that side of her existed, or that those are her general thoughts and feelings, and in the end, I was left surprisingly and without my knowing it, bewildered and confused. That made me think, if someone close to me were to read my blogs, how would her/his perception of me change? More importantly, would I like this change?

True to my seemingly bipolar nature, there are times that I do not want to share anything about myself to anyone, that if I could erase everything about me on the internet I would. But yet again, true to my bipolar nature, these feelings are fleeting and I find myself coming back yet again.

I have not answered my own question in all these years, why do I blog? Perhaps it is time to answer, or at least attempt to come up with one that I hope I would myself believe when this feeling, this motive-questioning, comes back to haunt me yet again perhaps a few months or years from now.

I like telling stories. That is why I like to write. I have got so many stories to tell, so many experiences to share, and I want to because at the deepest core of my being, there is always this hope that somehow, someway, these stories, if only even one, will touch someone else’s life or perhaps leave a lasting imprint on someone’s thoughts – even if they do not really remember where they got it, much more who wrote it.

I blog not because I want people to know me, or help people understand me, my actions, the motives behind my actions, my deepest hurts and feelings, my joys and all these little tidbits of trivia of my very much insignificant life – but because I am just some ordinary person with an ordinary life, mundane, even mediocre at times, trying to validate my existence in this world wherein everything is ordinary, unless you do something (even just a litte bit) out of the ordinary, not for anything or anyone else, but yourself. This is me trying to make a difference. This is me trying to matter, not as someone specific, but someone blending in the general sense of things.