I don’t really have anything to blog about, but at least I’m back. The past week has been an emotional low, more like a real crash, for me and I just did not have the energy to blog about my low rah-rahs.

I am finding this day real slow. I can’t believe it’s just noon. I have done way too much for it to be just noon! With the amount of productivity I have managed to spew up today, it should be five o’clock by now!

I woke up at about six thirty in the morning, cleaned and disinfected the ground floor, washed the garage free of dust and any remaining Ewok fur-abouts, washed and sterilized bottles, made coffee, made hot water bath thrice!, gave myself a well-deserved bath and even managed to do a home hair treatment, folded laundry, ironed Lia’s clothes as well as mine, gave Lia a bath and this morning alone managed to put her down for two naps. I was just blow drying my hair and I thought to myself, “you’d think I would have more time to blow dry my hair when I had the maid,” but I do not remember ever having the time. A wonder indeed. What’s up with that?!

Nothing really is going on. I have birthday and Christmas parties, and even weddings, to attend. I have housework to do. I manage. Today is such a slow day that I decided to blow dry my friggin hair.

I have unpublished blogs. I have five hundred or so photos from the recent trip that I have to process, watermark and upload to Flickr. None of it is post worthy. They’re just documentation… and lots of family photos. More like lots of touristy photos. Dang, I am giving up photography. That makes me wonder, did I ever take up photography? Maybe not.

Now that I officially have the Nikon D80 because Ryan now has a Canon SX120IS that he bought for about P9,000 in the U.S. and sells for P25,000 in this shop in SM Marikina, we found ourselves short of fighting over who can use the p&s. I swear it is so liberating to be shooting with a p&s. No pressure! Just click away! People with dslrs are just so pretentious. You think since they have a dslr in their hands, they know how to shoot. So, it was just liberating to shoot with a p&s. No one cares if you’re holding a tiny camera in your hands so you can shoot away. No one expects your photos to be astounding either. So fun! And of course, you can shoot photos of yourself wherever and however. Ryan found himself saying, “Do you want me to buy you your own p&s camera? Because you know, this is MINE!” Whatever! 😛

I am waiting for my Pa to come over I guess, right about after lunch. We were supposed to visit my parents where they are staying at but all three of my family members have colds and cough. Poor Lia kept waking up and mumbling rah-rahs at about one thirty this morning because she couldn’t breathe. My other family member, Ewok, was availed against her wishes albeit of a summer cut in this friggin December weather. She was also given a mohawk and a feathered tail, not to mention shaved chest, legs and feet. You get the idea? She looks horrendous and she knows it too. So these days she been hiding in dark corners, under sofas, sinks and I suppose wherever it is that is warmer. She was snuggling under the comforter and my blanket the other night. Poor little one. It’s just not right for some”one” who shuddered in Starbucks Tagaytay with her full coat on to have a summer cut in December. *shakes head*

Well, I’m off now. Gotta find more things to do.