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December 2009

Last post for 2009 – Has been’s and Would Be’s

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May I just say that I am back, of course with a gazillion photos to go through after a week-long vacation in the province where I saw lots of my friends and family. The holidays aren’t over yet though and I have three more events to go to, as far as plans are concerned.

The Sun broadband was disconnected without our knowledge the entire time I was in the province. We only found out when we got back to Manila; thus, the absence of posts starting from the day we got back, which was about 10:30 in the evening of the 29th. The drive from Pili lasted approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes, that includes a side trip to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Naga City to check on the car’s registration papers; a side trip to the little town of Sipocot in the search for the now non-existent Bigg’s Diner (we ended having lunch in some other unknown diner); 45 minutes of MY turn at the wheel in Andaya Highway where I practiced shifting from first all the way to fifth gear (hehehehe); a number of restroom stops and a final stop-over dinner at Shell Station along SLEX. As expected, lots of traffic everywhere – from Gumaca all the way to Skyway Stage 2 roadworks. I was on mobile websites the entire time we were in Bicol, thanks to free wi-fi at all establishments, from CWC to Cereza to Avenue Square and all over SM Naga, as well as establishments like Gelatto’s and Starmark Cafe. Heck, even the place where Ryan had the car washed had free wi-fi. This is worth mentioning because in Manila, wi-fi is NOT free everywhere. Starbucks especially sucks!! All my internet access was done through my mobile phone which, may I say, was chosen carefully and [proven to have been] wisely. My Nokia 5630 Xpress Music has both 3G and wi-fi capabilities, which allowed me to use wi-fi when there was a network available and connect through Globe’s 3G when I was staying at my parent’s home which is in the heart of almost-nowhereness. May I just say that the P5/15 minutes of browsing PER SITE sucks. I would go on my mail and click on a link to Facebook, i.e. so-and-so person made a comment on a photo of you, click here to view whatever, and I would be charged P5. This is not fun when you spend P30 on 5 minutes and you could literally hear the ka-ching-ka-chings in your head.

So anyway, this is my LAST post for the year. One hundred fifty five (147 public and 8 private) posts later, it can be said that it has been a productive year in terms of blogging. Angkulet dot com is six months old! Now that I’m fully aware how much time and energy is expended on blogging, I have more respect for bloggers out there. Though this site is not meant to generate any kind of income, $0.0003 made so far from the Google ads you see in the right navigation panel, this site exists primarily to serve as documentation to my otherwise utterly boring housewife and stay-at-home-mother life. So let me say that it makes me happy when you guys leave comments and you tell me that you get new things/ideas/inspirations from the posts that I make. It makes me happy when the people or things I blog about take some time to leave comments, like Harry Best, Sanuk and Jasmin Chan of Momo.

What is in store for 2010? More photos of course! Photos of my little family and the adorable Angkulittle. Hihihihi. More music, more movies, more theatre, more shopping and hopefully more travel. More, more, more! Hahaha.

I have to go through a lot of photos and post them on my Flickr. Due to the huge number of data I have to go through, I will need a lot of time. I have a lot going through my mind too and I need to write them down to get them off my head. Huge number of data in my head too. Peace of mind is priceless. 🙂 Though I think the first post for 2010 should be a review of 2009 and goals for 2010 for is that not traditional?

We borrowed one of my sister’s three house helpers and that has helped a lot. We are practically almost done with [I believe another traditional] New Year’s cleaning and she has saved me from two days worth of ironing. Hoorah for that! As some form of payment, I made her watch Angelica Panganiban’s I Love You Goodbye yesterday at SM Marikina’s Cinema 2 while Ryan, Lia and I did the groceries at the supermarket. I am supposed to be washing towels and sheets today but I am so hung over from the 2010 kick off party with my Rep family last night. I just want to sit here and type my thoughts away, in between cooking and serving food at Cafe World hahaha.

New Year’s Eve will be spent with my parents and my siblings and their respective little families while New Year’s Day will be spent with Ryan’s parents. Some of my Rep friends will be spending the weekend surfing at L.U. and I would really like to be with them if not for the Travel Factor’s New Year’s Party happening at Circa in Eastwood City Libis on the evening of January 2nd. On second thought, I do not think the newly-claimed-from-the-garage car can stand another long drive to La Union so soon after the Bicol trip. Ryan tells me we have to replace all four tires. (There goes a chunk off the 14th month pay :P)

My Facebook is being overwhelmed by photos of drinking and partying and I really believe I am almost at my drinking quota. This has been a tremendously fun holiday season for me. I think its safe to say that this has been my best holiday season ever! Even the Bulao family reunion was astoundingly successful! It seemed to me that the food was uberly delicious and the kids had so much fun! No matter that I could not recognize half of them. Being the daughter of the eldest of the Bulao siblings, I had difficulty telling who was cousin and who was niece/nephew. Tsk tsk.

Maybe I am enjoying this holiday season because I had absolutely zero expectations of it. I will remember to have the same zero expectations for next year. It is always nice to be pleasantly suprised. Can I make that my 2010 mantra? Goal, to be always pleasantly suprised. 😀


Being Herself

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naked baby in the house! [1]

December 3, 2009

Babies absolutely love being naked. Lia especially hates putting anything on, be it shoes, hats, diapers, shirts, shorts, pants, onesies, dresses, jackets. She hates putting any piece of clothing on. I tell her it’s not possible to go out naked because her parents will be accused of being irresponsible. This is her having a wonderful time, just being a baby.


My Little Helper

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I do so many things with Lia. Well, it’s just the two of us here at home all day so.. I am glad she is all about helping out. You’ve seen the photos of Lia helping me out with decorating her Christmas tree. Here she is helping me out with wrapping presents. This girl!

Ecstatically wrapping presents

Yay! We're gonna wrap Christmas presents!!

My girl is ecstatic about wrapping presents! So ecstatic that she is all blurry. Hahaha!

Christmas wrapping with duckie Lia

Excitement just makes me all duckied up! *clap clap clap*

“Baby girl you need to stay still so Mama can take a decent non-blurry photo of you…”

Christmas wrapping with Lia 1

Uh okay, here I'll stay still. Very still.


These photos were taken November 30th.


Vintage-Inspired Hair

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So I’m trying to decide whether I should just do my own hair and make-up for this vintage- slash Grecian- wedding I’m going to at the end of the month. I’m looking at these real interesting hairstyles and making me think, dang, it looks like I can’t do any of these on my own. My hair is too long and too thick. My arms ache when I do it on my own. 😐

The hairpieces are deliciously cute! I’m sort of partial to the one with the simple headband but I do not have bangs. Maybe I make one? 😐

Okay, more choices slash photos to follow. I have to rush off to a fitting and lunch.


Days Ahead

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Today is a slow, quiet and lazy day. I have no real housework to do today because Ryan and I finished them all this weekend. I am thinking I should do some packing. We are driving to Bicol early morning on Wednesday. We will be spending a week there – my entire little family with the little dog.

We drove over to Cubao Expo last Saturday because I needed shoes for the office party last Sunday. Yeah, I’m so uninterested in shoes that I have to go out and buy a pair every time I have to go to some party and buy it too just the day before. I got myself the most comfortable suede stilettos I have ever had my feet in. Amazing really. 😐 Afterwards, we drove over to North Susanna Village in Commonwealth Avenue to have dinner with Tin and other friends at Lizzie and Onin’s house. I brought the camera, like I always do, but neglected to take photos. Sad. 🙁 First time over at Lizzie and Onin’s house and we did not have any kind of difficulty finding the place, thanks to Lizzie’s very specific directions. We are really friends aren’t we? I love you Liz! :*

Sunday was housework all day because Ryan’s parents were coming over to babysit for us while we attended the office party. Of course, the house had to be clean! Hahaha! Ryan was required to arrive earlier than all the others because of some briefing or walk-through or whatever, so I decided to have him drop me off at Megamall where I shopped for shoes for May’s wedding. As expected, I found my shoes in the usual store. It’s where I always end up buying my shoes! Amazing. 😐 I did not want to head over at Megatent Events Venue early so I decided to watch Avatar. Yeah! First time to watch a movie alone again in years! And yeah! First time to ever pay for my own movie ticket and because of that, I was shocked to find out that movie tickets at Megamall now cost P172. Dang, the last time I went to see a movie alone, it was in Market!Market! and I paid P90 for my ticket. Amazing, really.

Today is a day Lia and I stay home. I am wondering if I should take her out for a walk around the village but the skies are gloomy and it looks like rain would fall any minute. I guess we will do a rain check? We are going out tomorrow after all, have lunch at Eastwood because Ryan’s mom has some sort of Christmas party at Somethin Fishy and she asked if we could bring the baby so she can “show her off.” 😐 I have to go pick up my dress too for May’s wedding. I don’t have time to pick it up on Wednesday. I also need to do a teeny weeny bit of Christmas shopping. I haven’t found the perfect present just yet for a couple of people.

I am excited about driving home. I hope we wouldn’t have any problems on the road. My sister’s maid might be coming along with us on the drive since my sister’s family is also going to the province. The entire Sorita family will all be together at my parents’ house this Christmas. Exciting! The last time this happened was probably back in 1999! Wow, that was ten years ago. 😐

We will probably just hang out over there in Bicol. Do the usual CWC thing, maybe go to the beach, see my friends… maybe attend my batch’s 10th year reunion… Maybe, just maybe… because I failed to register, hahaha!

And then, last but not the least, attend one of my best friends’ wedding on the 28th before finally driving back on the 29th. We will spend the New Year here, maybe with Ryan’s family. It would be nice to see some fireworks. 🙂


Defying Gravity

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This song has been playing in my head for the past days and I guess will continue to play for days to come…

Defying Gravity

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I’m through with playing by the rules
Of someone else’s game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It’s time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes and leap!

It’s time to try
Defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I am defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!

I’m through accepting limits
’cause someone says they’re so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I’ll never know!
Too long I’ve been afraid of
Losing love I guess I’ve lost
Well, if that’s love
It comes at much too high a cost!

I’d sooner buy
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I’m defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
And you wont bring me down!

I’d sooner buy
Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye
I’m defying gravity
I think I’ll try
Defying gravity
And never bring me down!
bring me down!


Click here to read about Glee on Wikipedia.

Click here to read about Wicked on Wikipedia.


Imagine on Glee

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I came home from a great Christmas party last night with TF friends and was not bursting with energy this morning so I thought about watching an episode or two of Glee just to perk up my day. The house is still clean so a perk-me-up bit of housework was not an option.

Oh, Glee is just pure love…

I have always loved this song… Truly one of the greatest songs of all time. It always touches my heart in little ways. Glee numbers have always made me smile.. until this..

… I just could not help but cry. Oh, love… love… love.

Across the Universe did a montage on it but it did not touch me as much as this one did.

As a side note, can’t wait to see Idina Menzel from Rent and Wicked do a guesting on this show.


Adarna: Food and Culture

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We have probably driven past this resto a hundred times. I have noticed it before, but was always hesitant to go in because I thought it was some sort of resort. Hahaha. Like you know, with nice villas and a pool inside. Sometimes I thought, it’s probably a chic little private museum. Other times I thought it was a restaurant, but an expensive one where we could not afford any food.


The courtyard

I love Kalayaan Avenue. It has all these cool little places that I make memories with. Like 9 Mile Bar. Like Pork Barrel, this kubo-kubo grill Ryan and I found ourselves one night we were trying to find a place to have coffee and beer and a quiet place where we could talk. Like this wine resto that is also a depot for native furniture. (Ha! Even BarKo in which we have unfortunately found ourselves one night). I lived in Kalayaan Avenue for one semester. My father rented out a big room for me, with its private bathroom at the back of this brick building that housed his then-office in the penthouse, where I was joined by my brother when he took up his masters in Ateneo de Manila. I almost know it upside-down, downside-up.

We had mass with Ryan’s parents because it was his mom’s birthday last Friday, at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice in U.P. It was actually Lia’s first mass. I was not too happy about bringing her to mass because I know it was just gonna be hard on her but oh well.. We first thought of having dinner at Cocina Juan, since that is actually one of our favorite places these days, but we thought a party of six and a baby would not really fit in. We made it to Kamay Kainan thinking we were all gonna avail of buffet but the service there is awful, awful, awful, awful (I can’t seem to say it enough) that we left. We thought of eating at Trellis right across the street but Trellis was closed. I would say that this is another of those occurrences when a bad thing turns out to be a good thing because we ended up in Adarna: Food and Culture.


The trees in the courtyard decked with Christmas lights and lanterns


Doors at the dining area opening into the courtyard


Little sari-sari store at the lobby. More dining in the courtyard.


Dining is made more private with the use of dividers


The view of the courtyard from our dining table

We were supposed to head back to Teacher’s Village, a convoy of three cars. We stopped to wait right in front of Adarna and I thought, why not check this place out? A waiter came out to meet me and I asked if I could see the menu. I only really wanted to check if the food was affordable. Having seen that they were, we then decided to stay.




Nice plate! 😛 (coz I don't remember what this was)


Again, don't remember what this was.


It may seem obvious to other people what this is, but to me, it's not. Haha!


I will have to improve my dish naming skills..


Don't remember what this was called but it's a must-try! 😀


This, I definitely know. It's halo-halo! Hahaha! Really, it is. 🙂


Taking a moment to have photo taken at courtyard.


It's Christmas season after all. 🙂

I would dare say, this place is great! Affordable food, wonderful ambiance, great service and all that. Love this place! We would definitely come back soon!

Outside the resto

The family, in front of the restaurant.


What Do I Know?!

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Got to drive the car again today. Yes, we do have the car back. Dashboard gauges-less, automatic lock-less, digital clock-less, stereo and player-less but running. Got it back Friday last week. We went all the way to the shop (third shop and nth computer box after) in Banawe, lost Lia’s shoes to the taxi driver in the process, drove to Teacher’s Village to grab early dinner at Cocina Juan where after wards, the car just would not start and we had to wait for shop boys to come to our rescue. Ryan almost made Lia and I go home on our own but he could not find an empty cab.

So anyway, I finally got to drive the car again after so many months. I swear it’s more than three months. Getting good at shifting but still have to control my hands at the wheel, or so I was told. What do I know?! I just drove down Soliven because there was a lot of traffic today. The goal is to be able to drive on my own next year so I can take Lia along for when boredom strikes her. This baby can get so bored sometimes! I wish we did not bring her with us to Bohol, because now she is aware there is an exciting world out there.

lia at the south supermarket

Lia at the South Supermarket

We went to get t-shirts at some warehouse sale The Tshirt Project had going on, then did the groceries at some obscure little supermarket called South Supermarket along A. Rodriguez Avenue before driving to Eastwood to grab some dinner at Heaven and Eggs. A Caucasian family came in while we were waiting for our orders to arrive. They had two little boys and probably a three-month old baby girl. We saw the dad kept waving and smiling at Lia who I was actually teasing with my pretending to own her teddy bear. On our way out, Caucasian dad who had his back turned to us, stopped eating and turned around to ask me, “Hey, how old is your baby?” and he looked at Lia, smiling and waving goodbye and saying, “Oh she’s so cute!”

I remember on the Cebu Pacific plane to Bohol, one of the flight attendants who was initially pushing a cart down the aisle to offer snacks stopped in front of us and never moved on. She just kept talking to and playing with Lia. After they stowed the cart away, she came back and took Lia with her.

In Bohol Bee Farm, I was inside the store buying organic soaps when I saw Lia crying hysterically through the glass window. She was surrounded by a group of maybe six Koreans. Story was, one female Korean came out of the store, saw Lia, got all wide-eyed, came back into the store, called all her other Korean friends and they all went to crowd around the baby. One said, “Oh she’s so cute! Can we have a photo taken with her?” and Ryan said, “Sure, do you want to hold her?” and promptly handed her over. Well, of course, Lia was scared to death and cried hysterically. They were all oooh-ing in loud voices and telling her, “You’re so beautiful!” Poor baby was traumatized, she would not let her mother out of sight after that. I could not even brush my teeth or wash my face or take a bath.

In the plane going back to Manila, a young Caucasian couple was sitting on the seats behind us. The girl said, “How old is she? She is so cute!”

I don’t understand. I think all babies look the same. Hahahaha. But what is up with this international scene? I am beginning to think my baby is “exotic”.

Speaking of the baby, she is now asleep in our eucalyptus-scented room. Thanks Kiel. We are all sick with colds. Ryan and I do synchronized coughing. We think its from that amazing air-conditioning our room at Dumaluan Beach Resort had. Off to bed for now. I hope tomorrow is better. I am losing way too much weight, none of my pants or even belts fit.

Lia and Mama by the beach in Panglao, Bohol

Lia and Mama by the beach in Panglao Island, Bohol


Ramble, Ramble

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I don’t really have anything to blog about, but at least I’m back. The past week has been an emotional low, more like a real crash, for me and I just did not have the energy to blog about my low rah-rahs.

I am finding this day real slow. I can’t believe it’s just noon. I have done way too much for it to be just noon! With the amount of productivity I have managed to spew up today, it should be five o’clock by now!

I woke up at about six thirty in the morning, cleaned and disinfected the ground floor, washed the garage free of dust and any remaining Ewok fur-abouts, washed and sterilized bottles, made coffee, made hot water bath thrice!, gave myself a well-deserved bath and even managed to do a home hair treatment, folded laundry, ironed Lia’s clothes as well as mine, gave Lia a bath and this morning alone managed to put her down for two naps. I was just blow drying my hair and I thought to myself, “you’d think I would have more time to blow dry my hair when I had the maid,” but I do not remember ever having the time. A wonder indeed. What’s up with that?!

Nothing really is going on. I have birthday and Christmas parties, and even weddings, to attend. I have housework to do. I manage. Today is such a slow day that I decided to blow dry my friggin hair.

I have unpublished blogs. I have five hundred or so photos from the recent trip that I have to process, watermark and upload to Flickr. None of it is post worthy. They’re just documentation… and lots of family photos. More like lots of touristy photos. Dang, I am giving up photography. That makes me wonder, did I ever take up photography? Maybe not.

Now that I officially have the Nikon D80 because Ryan now has a Canon SX120IS that he bought for about P9,000 in the U.S. and sells for P25,000 in this shop in SM Marikina, we found ourselves short of fighting over who can use the p&s. I swear it is so liberating to be shooting with a p&s. No pressure! Just click away! People with dslrs are just so pretentious. You think since they have a dslr in their hands, they know how to shoot. So, it was just liberating to shoot with a p&s. No one cares if you’re holding a tiny camera in your hands so you can shoot away. No one expects your photos to be astounding either. So fun! And of course, you can shoot photos of yourself wherever and however. Ryan found himself saying, “Do you want me to buy you your own p&s camera? Because you know, this is MINE!” Whatever! 😛

I am waiting for my Pa to come over I guess, right about after lunch. We were supposed to visit my parents where they are staying at but all three of my family members have colds and cough. Poor Lia kept waking up and mumbling rah-rahs at about one thirty this morning because she couldn’t breathe. My other family member, Ewok, was availed against her wishes albeit of a summer cut in this friggin December weather. She was also given a mohawk and a feathered tail, not to mention shaved chest, legs and feet. You get the idea? She looks horrendous and she knows it too. So these days she been hiding in dark corners, under sofas, sinks and I suppose wherever it is that is warmer. She was snuggling under the comforter and my blanket the other night. Poor little one. It’s just not right for some”one” who shuddered in Starbucks Tagaytay with her full coat on to have a summer cut in December. *shakes head*

Well, I’m off now. Gotta find more things to do.