I think I was trying to choose between this….

and this…

…And of course, you know which one I got.;)

With my new Momos!
Black was chosen over white basically. 🙂

More Momo Shoes
More shoes on display at the bazaar.

Momo shoes for men and free tote bags

And for each pair of shoes, you get a free tote bag.

I chose the doodle tote bag because it had “Sea Surf Sun” on it. Teehee!

Here are the washing instructions, just in case you want to know. Though this is basically for me. In case I forget! Hah-hah-hah!

Use mild detergent
Wash in warm or cold water
Brush slightly

Do NOT machine wash
Air dry only!

Avoid direct sunlight! (to avoid discoloration)

Visit Momo Custom Design website for more photos and more cool designs!

Momo Custom Design Shoes

Go get yours too! I am soo loving mine! 😀