How many posters can one film have?

How many posters can one film have?

Indie is as indie goes and we love them indie films because they do not attempt to make unrealistic endings that are supposed to make us feel good about ourselves. I do not watch movies so I can feel good about myself or my life. Neither do I watch movies so I can (simply) feel good – I have my friends for that. Actually, my movie preference is for ones with sad endings. Someone dies halfway through the film or in the end; or all of them die at the end. That is why I am in love with Chinese films. More than just the breathtakingly beautiful cinematography and awe-inspiring costumes, Chinese films almost never have happy endings. Hoorah!

That being said, I most certainly liked (500) Days of Summer. No one really died halfway through the film or even at the end. At some point in the movie, because of good cinematography, I almost wanted to take architecture myself. The abundance of skirts and oh-la-la dresses made me most definitely love Zooey Deschanel’s costumes. Hats off to the production designer too for the luscious prettiness of Summer’s room.

These days everyone’s talking about this independent film that made its debut at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and was picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight Pictures. Film quotes left and right. Links to the trailer and clips of the film here and there. This just means there are a lot of hopeful romantics out there.

What is love really? I do not know. I will never know. Perhaps that is the reason why I loved that film, Love Actually. Both films have the same light atmosphere with deep themes that deserve a lot of contemplation, if so inclined. Love does not have to have one single form nor meaning. Love does not have to fit a description or adhere to a definition. Any definition. Love is just that – love.

Either you love or you do not love. There is no in between.

At the end of the film, I thought, why did Summer break up with Tom again?

Not because they argued a lot.

It’s just that she did not love him. She never said she loved him anyway. She said “I like you”. We all start with liking someone. Love at first sight is still not true for me. Like at first sight yes. Like at first talk yes. Like at first touch yes. Perhaps like at first smell even. But that like has to grow into something more if you are going to pursue a relationship with someone, much more marry.

Summer never went past the “I like you” part. That is also the reason why she can still dance with him when she wanted to, or that she even wanted to dance with him in the first place. That is also the reason why she can and would still like to be friends with Tom. Such is the nature of like.

Tom went the whole nine yards. I totally understood his pain too though. It’s not like I have not been through [almost] the same thing eons (or at least I would like to think so) ago.

So anyway, the soundtrack was superb. So superb it is that I want my hands on one. So superb it is that it deserves a separate post of course. 😉

Yet another poster

Yet another poster

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