Today is a momentous day. Today commemorates (well sort of) the day I finally succumb to the demands of housekeeping and motherhood. Today I put up a white flag and said, okay I (finally) give in. Today, I finally got a maid. Well I suppose I actually put up a white flag when I told my mother please get me a maid, sooner than September – and that was a week ago.


September was the month I was going to get house help, simply because September is supposedly the start of the surfing peak season and I thought I was going to definitely need a maid to help me keep an eye on my little one.

But as it is, I’m only human, and more importantly, I am a human that gets depressed every now and then. When I get depressed, I do not feel like doing anything, anything at all. And when I do not feel like doing anything at all, housework pile up; and when housework pile up, I get even more depressed. Being the (sort of) obsessive-compulsive person that I am, I do not like it when the house is messy.


Today, I started the day early to help Sionie (or however her name is spelled, I can say its Shonie or Shunie or Shawny for that matter) prepare breakfast. In addition to my husband being sick, my mother also spent the night here and I thought it would be good for her to start her day with a good nice breakfast of sunny-side up eggs, hotdogs, rice and a good cup of brewed coffee from Papua New Guinea. *funky laugh goes here*

Then the rest of the day was spent showing her how I wanted my housework done. I thought it was best to show her how I wanted the housework done, and that of course meant, ‘done my way’. We spent the day doing laundry, cleaning the floor, vacuuming window screens, beds and sofas, changing the sheets and beddings as well as ironing my husband’s clothes. *straight face goes here*


That was of course in addition to taking care of my baby. The supposed rule is, no one is supposed to touch the baby as long as I am here or I stop doing any kind of housework when the baby needs me. I think though that it will take two to three weeks before I have everything running smoothly, the OC person that I am.

When I told my mother I needed house help, I told her I was okay with whatever skills she does or does not have. What mattered the most was that she knew how to cook because I can do almost everything on my own, except cook. What mattered the most was that I get to eat lunch because during lunch time my husband is away at work and I just spend my days missing lunch because I do not cook or cooking is the last thing on my mind.

So actually, today commemorates the day of non-missed lunches, of me and my husband being able to eat together… and of being able to go out to get a facial. 😐